Secrets Must Be Told

"Kayla! Get up!" The screech of my sister reaches though my sleepy faze as she opens my door. I decide to ignore her, my sleep is more important. And so, instead of getting up to reply, I turn my back on the door, settling down in my covers.

Just as the comfort of my bed begins to resonate into my sleepy head, my covers are ripped of my bed, leaving me shivering at the sudden cold air attacking my thin, light purple jammies.

"You up?" Gemma asks me and I do not have to turn around to be able to see the smirk on her face.

"Go 'way." I groan, reaching my arm around to blindly search for my warm covers.

"No. Not until you get up." Gemma says.

"Curse you and your stubbornness." I grumble as I sit up on my bed, hesitantly opening my eyes before quickly reclosing them as the brightness of the sun outside my window attacks my sensitive pupils.

"Na. You love me too much to curse me." Gemma says proudly. I turn my face in her direction and yank my eyelids up to glare at her through the steadily following tears.

"You wanna bet?" I ask her menacingly and grin as she steps back slowly.

"Gemma, is Kayla up yet?" The voice of our mother calls from the floor below us.

"No," Gemma calls, at the exact same time I call down "yes."

"Well is she up or not?" Mum calls up.

"Yes she is." Gemma says reluctantly, turning to leave my room.

"Alright. Kayla, you have ten minutes." She calls up as Gemma leaves my room.

Great I think to myself with a smile. 'Ten minutes to sleep.' With that thought, I pick my cover back up, cover my shivering body with it and lie back down in bed.

"Kayla!" The roar comes from right outside my bedroom door, causing me to jerk out of bed, grab a set of clothes for the day, and bolt into the bathroom adjoining mine and Gemma's rooms.

Once safely in the cream and black bathroom, door locked, I feel it safe enough to reply.

"Yes mum?" I call as innocently as possible as I rip my jammies off, racing into the chosen clothes for today.

"Are you up?" Mum replies. I hear the slight squeak as my bedroom door is opened.

"What do you think? Does it look like I am up?" I ask, as I finish wrestling my dark blue tank top on and begin on my jeans.

"It looks like you just bolted out of bed this minute." Mum replies, I can sense the raised eyebrow on her rounded face.

"Me, take advantage of extra minutes in bed, never!" I call through the door as finish with the jeans.

"No, it doesn't sound like you at all." Mum replies just as sarcastically, her voice closer to the bathroom door. "So let me in, see how long you have been getting ready for." She adds, just outside the door.

I mentally curse, my waist long light brown hair is a mess. She will know immediately.

"Gimme a mo," I call as I envision my hair being perfectly straight, half tied up, the rest hanging. Over my shoulders.

"Now." Mum calls impatiently. With a snap of my fingers, my hair snaps into the state I had envisioned. I pick up my toothbrush, ram it in my mouth and go to the door, opening it to see my mother, arms crossed, a glare on her face.

"Hi mum!" I say brightly though the toothbrush, starting to move it along my teeth.

"Humph, breakfast is ready." She tells me, walking back out of my room.

I let out a sigh of relief as I pull the toothbrush from my mouth, glaring at it in distaste. Going back to the mirror above the cream sink, I mutter the incarnation to immediately clean my whole body, no bio, no smelly breath. Then, with a grin at my reflection, I head back out, closing both doors behind me.

"Finally! We were beginning to think the bed bugs had eaten you whole," jokes Veronica, the smartest of the four of us, completely breaking the stereotypical blonde. I glare at her as I grab a slice of toast from Rose.

"Good morning to you too." She grunts as she goes to the toaster to make herself another slice.

"Morning!" I say to the busy kitchen, the four other inhabitants roll their eyes at me.

"More like afternoon." Gemma says grinning as she pours herself a glass of orange.

"Nope. You guys wouldn't let me miss the first day of fifth year." I say as I take a seat in between mum and Veronica.

"You going to be home when we get back?" Veronica asks mum, completly ignoring me.

"No, I don't think so, the council have a meeting." She replies regretfully, sipping from her tea.

"I'm on tea duty." I call out and receive several groans in return."If you make us eat fish again, I will slaughter you in your sleep tonight." Gemma warns, taking a seat opposite with her glass of orange in hand, glaring at me other the glass.

"Seconded." Rose adds, coming back, giving up on waiting on her toast.

"Too brutal for me, sorry." Veronica says brightly, getting up to put her bowl and glass in the dishwasher just as the toast pops out of the machine.

"Get my toast for me please Ronnie," Rose calls. "And no. You can't have it kayla," she adds, glaring at me. I smile, finishing the last bite of my slice.

"I'm off to work. Lock the house up when you leave." Mum says, sighing as she gets up, picks up her car keys and leaves.

Ten minutes later, me and my almost identical sisters step out the front door, Gemma locking the door behind her.

"So." I begin, walking ahead of the other three, "Fifth year." I grin, turning so as I am walking backwards, looking into the three identical light blue eyes.

"Should be a fun year," Veronica says.I turn back around, deciding to not experience falling of the curb, and take notice of my surroundings, namely the weather.

Above our heads, are clear sparklingly blue sky's but, in the not too far distance are dark, stormy clouds, threatening rain.

"I think I will stay at school for lunch." I inform my sisters as I take my eyes from the clouds and onto our just visible destination, my boyfriend, Edric's house.

"Same." Rose agrees from behind.

"You going to wait on Edric?" Veronica asks and I am able to hear the grin in her voice.

"Yes. Got a problem with that?" I ask brightly, refusing to turn and look at her smug expression.

"Awww, you gonna give him a kiss hello?" Gemma asks just as sweetly.

I pause before answering. He has been on holiday for the past two weeks with his family to Spain and so we have not seen each other for a while and I know for a fact if I don't, he will most certainly kiss me hello. By the three sniggers coming from behind, I figure my sisters have came to the same reasoning. This time, I turn to face the three identical smug looks to glare at them in annoyance.

"No, we are not going to kiss hello," I begin to receive two raised eyebrows, one from Veronica and the other from Gemma. "We are gonna French kiss hello." I grin and, with a smug smile of my own, I turn back around again."One word," I add forcefully at the immediate snickers.

"And yet you want us to believe you two have not gone the whole way yet. It's been three years!" Gemma says despite my warning.

I rub my hands together, feeling the familiar tingling sensation of my power collecting between my fingers and flick my hands back, sending the power straight to Gemma's form which pauses mid step, hung in suspension for a second before beginning again. By the two loud snorts of laughter, I guess the spell worked.

Turning, I am met by a furiously red face Gemma screaming, no sound escaping her mouth.

"I warned you." Is all I say in a sing song voice. Five minutes of silence later, we arrive at Edrics house.

"You gonna tell him?" Rose asks as I put my hand on the gate. I pause. No explanation is needed. I know what she is referring too. I still have not told him of my powers. That we are destined to be together no matter what he wants. But I am going to have to soon. We will be seventeen soon, a witches coming of age. Soul mates have to come to the celebration.

I sigh before shaking my head, not looking at them.

"You are going to have to soon. He will need time to adjust before the celebrations." Veronica tells me, scorn evident in her tone.

"I know." I say quietly, opening the gate to head up the path, "Soon." I add, walking towards the door.

Seconds before I succeed in reaching the door, it is flung open to reveal the slightly tanned, blak eyed, black haired face of my boyfriend. A grin splits his sweet boyish face when he sees me and immediately, he jumps out of the doorway and picks me up into his six foot three embrace, swinging me around before putting me down.

"Hello stranger." He says with his famous one sided grin which manages to melt my heart every single time I see it.

"Hello strangely handsome stranger," I reply with the small, nervous smile which I know gives him the exact same melting feeling in his own chest.

"Where have you been all my life?" He adds, moving forward, his hands reaching up stroke my cheek.

"To far away." I answer with a grin as he bends down, his full, warm, red lips finally meeting my own. The familiar yet oh so new tingling sensations run through my entire body as I feel him close to my again. My hands instinctively reach up, curling into his messy black hair as he moves his free hand to my back, pulling me closer in to him.

"You do realise we still have to get to school, right?" Veronica's voice penetrates through our reunion making both of us groan in annoyance.

"School can wait" Edric says, breaking from the kiss long enough to glare over my shoulder.

"Your not very private reunion can wait." She retorts. "now get both your asses out here before I come in and drag you out." Not wanting to test the sincerity behind her words, Edric and I look at each other before shrugging and continuing out of his garden, him putting his arm around my waist, holding me to him almost possessively.

"Well good morning Edric," Rose says, grinning wildly as she starts walking ahead of us along with Veronica and a still silent Gemma.

"Good morning Rose, Veronica, Gemma and Kayla." Edric replies with a smile. I put my free arm behind my back and click my fingers, releasing the spell on Gemma who immediately notices.

"Lyra, you are dead!" She screams, stopping in her tracks to twirl around and glare at me.

"No killing on my watch please." Edric grins but is unable to hide his curiosity. "What did she do this time?"

"She is right here." I say with a fake hurt expression.

"Sorry babe, I mean what did you do this time?" He corrects himself, leaning down to look straight into my eyes, "not that it bothers me," he adds sneaking his head down to give me a quick peck on the lips.

"just a little trick" I murmer as he pulls back from me and grins at Gemma.

"More to the point, what did you do to Kayla?" he asks as Veronica and Rose speed up, catching sight of some of their own friends in the distance.

"Teasing." is Gemmas short reply as she turns and runs to catch up with the other two.

"She causing you bother again?" he asks me as we continue at our own pace.

"I got her back." I grin, the temptation to tell him now what we really are becomes so strong I open my mouth to begin but he speaks first.

"Good to know you are still a fighter. They haven't knocked that out of you yet." he says.

This weekend I promise myself. I will tell him on Saturday.

"It will take alot for them to manage that."

* * *

After a ten minute walk filled with meaningless chatter, we arrive at school just as the bell goes resulting in us having to run to the opposite end of the school to get to form.

"Miss Hillary, Mr Russle, glad of you to join us." Our form teacher, Mr Danforth says as we quickly take out seats.

"Nice to be back sir." I reply lightly looking down at my table where my timetable all ready sits.

After a quick comparison, I find I have Maths and English with Edric, Biology with Veronica and Gemma and History by myself. Edric has computers with Rose and chemistry with Veronica.

Too soon the bell for the end of form goes and I leave for the first class of the day, English.

Walking out of form, Edric and I take a right and head down the hall to the obstructing blue doors. Stepping through them, we take another right and enter the third door down.

"Morning Kayla, Edric," The teacher, Mrs Saunders says brightly as she walks into the room behind us.

"Morning Miss" we say simultaneously, taking two seats together at the back, talking quietly as the rest of the class arrives.

"Imtermediate 2 English has a huge change from Standard grade." She begins.

"I should hope so, standard grade was boring." Edric whispered to me, I glare and hit him in the arm.

"For your assessment, there will be a written exam in which you study and memorize a prose." I tune out the rest of the conversation, instead recording it on my phone whilst I turn and start a whispered conversation with Edric. The bell goes without us having to write anything down and so, as one, the whole class gets up and heads out.

Once out of English, Gemma meets us in the hall, having just had English  with Mr Turner.

"What do you have next?" Gemma asks as we both head out.

"I gotta go see someone," Edric tells us as he turns from us. I smile and turn back to Gemma.

"Maths." I Tell her.

"Same." She says with a smile "I'm with Veronica. You with anyone?" She asks.

"Yeah, Edric." I answer her.

"When are you going to tell him?" She asks me, stepping in front to clear way for other students.

"Tell who what?" An unmistakable voice asks from behind me. Two arms wrap themselves around my waist.

"At the weekend." I tell Gemma before turning to Edric. "I gotta secret I need to tell you but it has to wait till the weekend." I tell him, watching as his brows furrow in confusion.

"A bad secret?" He asks, looking upset.

"Not really, no." I say with a smile.

"Promise?" He asks.

"Yes." I answer.

"See yas!" Gemma calls as she heads up a flight of stairs to her maths class. Edric and I walk into ours.

"Ben!" Edric calls with a grin before running to the back of the class and highfiving his best mate, football captain, Ben Sanders

"Hey Edric." Ben smiles, moving over a seat to allow room for Edric and I. After an eye roll, I sit down next to Edric, tuning out the football talk. A long vibration in my pocket brings my attention to the phone in my pocket. With a quick glance at the teacher, I take it out of my pocket to see a text from Veronica.

Tell him tonight I look up and over to Edric, fear twisting in my gut.

No. This weekend. I quickly reply. I want at least five normal days with him before i tell him.

TONIGHT or else. Veronica says, I clench my teeth.

Why are you texting?  I ask. She sends back a face with a wide open mouth. I roll my eyes before putting my phone away and moving my hand up to play with my necklace.

The second my hand makes contact with the necklace, I feel tree other presences in my head.

Hello strange voices in my head. I think, my sisters, hearing my thought,  turn silent.

Kayla. You have to tell him tonight. Veronica begins pleadingly.

And why should I? Last I checked there was no law saying I HAD to tell him on the 21st August. I think back whilst copying notes down in my jotter.

Kayla, either tell him tonight or we will. Veronica threatens.

You have no right! I reply sharply, fighting to keep my face blank.

I don't care. We will. She replies. I sigh before turning to Edric.

"Fancy going out tonight?" I ask in a whisper, knowing full well my sisters are listening via our link. His face brightens as he turns to face me.

"Sure. Are you going to be telling me this secret of yours as well?" he continues in a whisper of his own.

I close my eyes, take a deep breathe in and then open them to stare straight into his blck ones.

"If you promise you wont freak." I compromise.  I watch his expression change from eagerness to confusion to worry then back to a wary happiness.

"Sure. I give you my word I won't freak." he finally says. "Where will we be going?" he quietly adds, looking back at the teacher.

The clearing. Gemma answers helpfully in my head.

"the clearing." I repeat out loud.

"deal. Meet you at yours at five."

Veronica, when I next see you, you are dead. I warn, clenching my teeth.

You will regret killing her. Rose adds in helpfully.

Trust me, no I won't. I think back before releasing my hand from my necklace and therefore breaking the connection.

The End

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