Birds squeal in their nests, calling for mothers long gone, looking out into the dark green of the forest below. Far below the birds nest, a mother fox is hunting. Traveling silently in between the thin slivers of sunlight able to make their way through the dark, never ending canopy above.

A sudden loud snap of a twig in the otherwise calm forrest causes the young fox to freeze slightly before continuing. A moment later, another loud snap is heard. The fox makes up her mind, deciding to go back and check on her young.  Without another thought, the fox darts back to its nest in the Forest, only it's black nose visible, watching for the loud intruder.

After a full two minutes of relative calm, the fox gets up, slowly, cautiously, stepping out from its home. A quick glance around causes the fox to, once again, freeze in place. 

Four young human girls of around eight years old are making their way threw the Forest. As they pass by, the fox backs up, re-entering the relative safety of its home.

The three girls are slowly making their way to a clearing only two of them have been to before. Nervousness leaps off of  the other two girls, almost visible to the watching fox.

"Are you sure this is the right way?" The ginger haired girl up front whispers to the light brown haired girl just behind her.

"Yes." The brown haired girl replies, sending a warning glare to the one in front.  After another couple of minutes, a shout of triumph emerges from the first girl as she breaks through the trees and into a perfectly circular clearing.

The other three follow, smiles on their identical faces. Once all four girls are standing in the centre of the clearing, the brown haired one grns, before taking a deep breath.

"Are we ready?" she asks, her grin spreading  

"Yes." The other three answer, albeit reluctantly.

"Ok. Put your right hands into the centre." She instructs and the others do so. The last two, one with blonde hair the other with black, lookin at each other nervously.

"Now, we recite." the brown haired girl continues.

"On this day, at this hour, marking our eight year on this planet, we hereby ask the spirits to aid us." The four girls say together automatically. A thin golden thread makes an appearence, twirling delicately around the girls wrists, entwining into the gaps left.

"With the power in us, quads of the new age, we ask thee to allow the bonding spell" the brown haired girls continues.

"to bond us together, the blood in our viens," The ginger girl adds,

"The bones in our bodies," The blonde says,

"And the thoughts in our minds," the black haired girl adds, bright blue eyes wide in wonder, staring at the newly forming blood red rope, twirling itself around the golden thread.

"we ask for the bond, forever together in body, spirit, mind and soul, we swear to stick together, never to hurt and never to betray. With this promise, we hereby plead," the four girls say together,

"Kayla," the brown haired girl states,

"Gemma," The ginger says,

"Veronica," The blonde says

"And Rose," The black haired girl adds, then together,

"Will forever be together," With these last words, a wind picks up around the girls, making their hair dance around their heads as the red rope glows bright before fading into the golden thread which thickens before dropping of the girls wrists and vanishing into the leaf stained grass below.

With the disappearance of the golden thread, the wind stops suddenly, leaving the girls' hair to lie how it was, now fully tangled.

"Is that it?" Rose asks quietly, nervously eyeing the ground where the thread had vanished. A grin splits across Kaylas face.

"Yup. Sisters forever." She says brightly, stepping quickly back, breaking the circle they had previously formed.

"We are going to be dead if the council finds out." Veronica glares, taken a step away as well, further from Lyla, "I can't believe I let you talk me into doing that."

"Well, the council can't do anything now, can they?" Kayla asks rhetorically as she backs slowly into the trees behind her, "and anyway, I have the feeling this is the beggining of something big." She adds, turning and vainshing into the foliage of trees behind her.

"Anyone else think she is mad?" Gemma asks as Rose, Veronica and her follow Kyla into the trees.

"completely," Veronica starts,

"And utterly," Continues Rose,

"Mad" They finish together with a grin. The three laugh, following their rule breaking sister into the trees.

In the recently vacated clearing, the fox cautiously steps through the trees, sniffs the air and, seemingly satisfied, turns around to continue his search for food.

A few seconds after the disappearance of the fox, deep down under the earth, the golden thread glows lightly. The glow fades, leaving behind four names and a date.

Kayla, Gemma, Rosa, Veronica, 05/08/14

The End

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