I look around the room. Nothing seems out of the ordinary until, that is, I see my cousin standing in the corner of the room grinning at me.

"What did you do this time?" I ask him, immediately nervous of his trickster ways.

"Nothin', what makes you think I did?" He asks, his grin quickly fading from his face.

"I don't know. Could it possibly be that grin you just tried to hide from me?" I ask him sarcastically.

"Oh! That! No, I was just remembering the tricks I used to play on our next door neighbour." He says innocently.

"If that's true, I'm the easter bunnny" I tell him. Then I ralisise what I said and to whom.

  I leap out of my bed and check my body.

It's still it's slightly tanned, human self. I sigh in relief.

"What did you do?" I ask him, more forcefully this time.

"Nothin'." He tells me. I glare daggers at him, he doesn't even flinch.

The familiar heated, clenching feeling of anger starts to make its daily appearance in my stomach. I know I should try and fight the anger, but I know he listens to me when I am in a mood. So I allow the feeling to cloud over me.

"What. Did. You. Do? Tell me, or else." I grit out through clenched teeth.

Hesitation savers his features. I take advantage of it and step towards him.

* * *

Seeing the anger in my  cousins eye makes my resolve waver. So I point at the mirror at the side of her bed.

She tens her back in me and moves in line with the mirror.

In the mirror is the reflection of the room with me in the back, leaning against the wall. She moves again.

The same reflection. She does not appear in it. Going to another mirror, she can still only see the room behind her.

"Lucifer Damarion Readi, give me back my reflection now." She orders me.

I look at her. Her slightly tanned, worn looking face starting to turn red. I can't help it. I laugh so hard my stomach begins to hurt.

The sent of death around her makes me stop immediately.

I look back up at her to see her hammer in hand. She readies to throw it.

Murmuring a few words under my breath, I feel the air around me cuddle my skin. I step back. Into invisibility.

"Coward!" Taufa screams at me, pure rage in her voice as she twirls round trying to see me.

I sneak up behind her and get right next to my ear.

"I'm not a coward. I just have an excellent sense of self preservation." I tell her, quickly jumping back as she swings the hammer round.

"If you have such an excellent sense of self preservation, why do you do things that immediately put your life in danger?" She asks me, still twirling on the spot. I ignore the question and go over to the window. The site I see freezes me.

* * *

I keep spinning round, trying to catch sight of my brother but I see nothing.

"Come to the window." I hear coming from the direction of said window. I walk over to it cautiously, putting my face right up to it.

"What?" I ask. Then I see what he meant. Five black cars pulling up at the entrance. Out of them come out men wearing black suits. "If they are trying to catch us by surprise, why don't they try to fit in?" I ask as they stiffly walk forward, carrying two boxes between them. I jump back, flinging myself out of their sight.

"Okay. What should I change them into?" Lucifer asks as he reappears next to me, left hand raised, pointing at them.

"Don't! They might not know its us!" I tell him, grabbing his arm and pulling it back.

  "Yes they do. The two boxes. One to stop ma music. The other to attract your hammer" He tells me. Right on queue, my trusted weapon dances out of my grasp, flying to the window.

* * *

I grab onto the hammer before it hits the window, feeling its incredible strength pulling against my own.

"Get a move on!" I grunt as I feel myself sliding across the floor with the power of the hammer.

An inch from the window, Taufa calls it. It bounces back from my grip but pauses between the middle of us, the strength of the box to strong. Taufa runs towards it and cradles it in her arms.

"There, there girl. It's ok. I have you." She croons to it.

"One, a hammer is an it. Not a she. Two, get a move on! We have to leave!" I yell at her as she decides to sit back down.

"We are to recognisable. You with your black hair and me with my blonde." She tells me, still cradling the hammer.

"Emm? Who are you currently in the same room as?" I ask her. She rolls her eyes.

"I will not be an old woman again" She orders.

"Why it? I can't be. I'm a male." I tell her, watching the men move to the front entrance, "Fine. I'll make you ten years older." I explain as I feel the magic tingling at my fingers. I send a wave over to her, muttering the words of enchantment as the flow leaves my body.

Again, I feel thankful for the fact the government do not know how to use the box that takes my powers. They need a drop of my loos spilt on it first. They will never get that close.

Finished with Taufa, I turn the spell to me, making me ten years younger.

Having a last glance in the mirror, I release the spell I had earlier and watch her pop into existence.

"The hair is still to obvious." she tells me. She's right. Although we are different ages, my midnight, long black hair and her platinum blonde are still to obvious. I wave a hand and watch as both our hairs change into a light brown. Murine shrinks in size.

"Ready?" I ask her, grinning.

"When aren't I?" She asks me, grinning.
The End

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