Forgotten Dreams

Five teenagers. Each with a secret. A power, an inheritance they have no control over.
On the run, the join together against forces older than their own grandfathers.
Just who are these teens? How did they inherited these powers? Who are their grand parents? Who are they running from and, more importantly why?

Coming back from the dark basis of unconsciousness, I look around me to see my friends lying against the wall. Feet and hands bound. Attempting to move, I find I'm in the same situation. Hands behind my back. Feet tightly together.

The door is opened and he comes in. Snakey green eyes sparkling in delight.

A grin spreads on his face.

"Ah, nice. All of you are awake. I feared at least two of you were dead." he tells us cheerfully. I glare at him, envisioning various painful deaths we could provide him.

"Now then. Time to decide. We only need three of you. Doesn't matter which, but I do have my preferences, So, you can decide. Which three do we kill?" He asks, "I'll come back in an hour."

With that, he leaves black cloak flowing behind him. A resounding slam announces the sloshing of the large metal door. I look around at my friends. Various emotions show in their eyes. I know my own ones view defeat. A defeat that slowly spreads through the room.

There is nothing left. Either three or all of us will die. This is the end.
The End

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