I can never go back. Never.

"run." The man told me.

and so I did. I ran until I couldn't breathe. I ran, not knowing where I was running to. 

He was supposed to be my executioner. Today he was my savior.

I dont know how long I run for. Minutes, hours, days? It makes no difference.

I find myself embedded in an endless forest, the sky blotted out by infinite trees. There is no sun. Only darkness.

The beggar queen. I think to myself, That's what they'd call me if they knew I was alive.

I drop to my knees.

That's when I see it. The tiny kink in what appears to be air. But I know better. I've been trained in the Magics since before I could walk. I can recognize a shield spell. 

"incardo." I chant with a flick of my hand.
For a moment nothing happens. Just silence. Then the air glows red and fog begins to form. When it clears, I gasp. Gone is the unending forest, the maze of ceaseless greenery. In it's place are mountains towering as high as the sky itself. Clear as day, right before my eyes, there is a fortress that is greater than anything I could have ever imagined. Within the heart of the mountain range I found myself escaping to lies a castle that touches the clouds. 

"Mythroot." I whisper the name that is reserved for fairy tales and children's stories. 

An emotion I haven't felt in years washes over me.


The End

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