It had been three months since Alexandra Rios had been in an accident that almost took her life. After three days between life and death she had slipped into a coma.
Her father Shane Rios had been devastaded, as had her family in Brazil, histerical
because they could not even see her. Her friends had taken it pretty hard as well, though not quite the same, as should be expected. Riley Fields was somewhere between friend and family, as she had been Alexandra's best friend for the past four and a half years, and her roomate for the five months prior to the accident.
The reason Alex's father hated Riley and her mother so much was that they helped her move out of his house when he wasn't there. Alex was miserable at her father's and stepmother's house, so Riley and Joy (Riley's mother) took her in.
So much had happened in those five months Alex lived with her friend. But the three months of coma erased all of that and all that was before. When Alexandra woke up from her coma she did not even know who she was.
It happened on a quiet Tuesday afternoon. Nobody was there to watch her slow return to the world of the living.
She didn't know how long had it been. She didn't know how it happened. All she knew is that slowly the void started giving way to the world. It started with her hearing, as it had a couple of times before. This time the evidence was less obvious however, as there were no conversations going on around her. It was the quiet ticking of a clock. The slow dripping of an IV. The monotone beeping of a heart monitor. She thought nothing of it. It had happened before, though she could not remember any specific instance. It would soon vainish into the void again and she would forget this as well. She started counting the seconds along with the watch, waiting for the sounds to fade.
When the sounds didn't fade, Alex started getting frustrated. Why won't you go away? She thought to herself, making a fist. It took her about five seconds to realize what had just happened. When she did, everything else disappeared. All her focus went onto controlling her body. Slowly but surely she was able to feel all the muscles in her body. To control them. The very last thing she tested were her eyes.
She slowly opened her eyelids, almost fearful. She was so used to darkness. What would she find? Worse still, what if when she opened her eyes she still could not see? But she still opened them, and she saw. As she looked around her she took in the bleak hospital room. There was a nightstand to her right containing two picture frames. One had a bunch of teenagers, the other a middle aged couple and a teenage girl. The girl was the common factor in the two pictures so she assumed it was her. She studied her image carefully, taking in every aspect of herself. She seemed to be tall. She had dark long brown hair. She had brown eyes and a wide smile. She had some acne but had an otherwise beautiful face. She was a bit overweight though, nothing major, but she could see she had a stomach. None of the other faces in the pictures were familiar to her. The older man must be related to her, probably her father judging by the age -- they had the same nose. No one else looked anything like her. The woman in the picture with the man who must be her father was blonde with blue eyes. In the other picture there was a short girl with dark curly hair wearing a Jack Skellington beanie, a blonde girl with blue eyes, the person she assumed was herself, a boy with long dark blonde hair, and a boy with long-ish black curly hair who was also wearing a beanie. They were all in a couch sitting all over each other and laughing. Something about that picture gave her a melancholic feeling she couldn't quite place.
When she was done with the pictures she continued to scan the room. There was the open door to the right, a cushion chair on the corner between the right wall and the one facing her and another on the opposite corner. On the left wall was a window with roses on the windowsill. To her left was the heart monitor, the IV hooked to her left arm, and a bunch of other things she didn't understand. She was glad she was alone when she woke up. She knew she was going to disappoint a lot of people because she could not remember a single thing.
Maybe if she had some time to think things would come back to her. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes in an attempt to concentrate. But concentrate on what? She thought to herself in frustration. There was nothing. Just darkness.
As she sighed she heard a gasp from the door.
"You're awake," a sweet looking woman said. She was of medium height, with dark hair and green eyes. She couldn't be thirty yet.
"Yeah, I just woke up," she answered. "Only I can't remember anything."
The lady walked towards Alex's the bed.
"Well, let me introduce myself. I'm Carrie, I'm one of the nurses here," she said extending her arm to shake Alex's hand.
"So I'm assuming I haven't forgotten you, I just hadn't met you," she said, shaking the nurse's hand.
Carrie smiled.
"No, you haven't forgotten me sweetie. It's nice to finally actually meet you."
"It's nice to meet you too. I'm... Well, I guess you're gonna have to tell me who I am. Sorry for the crummy introduction," she said with a tentative laugh.
"It's ok honey," Carrie answered with a smile. "You're Alex."
"Alex. What an odd name for a girl."
"Short for Alexandra. Alexandra Rios."
Alex nodded, the words ringing familiar inside of her.
"I thought so," she said as she turned to the table beside her and grabbed one of the picture frames. "Is that me?" She asked, pointing at the girl she thought to be herself.
"Yes, that is you. But the picture is at least a year old and the other one is even older, maybe two or three."
"Oh," Alex said putting the picture back down. In doing so she noticed for the first time an iHome with a blue iPod Nano 4th Generation. Signaling to it she turned back to Carrie. "Is that mine?"
"Yes, it is. According to every single person that has come to see you, music has always been really important to you. We've become quite acquainted with your musical taste in the last three months," she said with a laugh.
Alex started to answer the comment but stopped dead on her tracks.
"Three months? I've been here for three months?!"
"Yes sweetie, you have. You were in an accident and after the first couple of days you fell in a deep coma."
She tried to process this information.
"Accident? What kind of accident?"
The nurse seemed uncomfortable with the question.
"Um, I believe your father would prefer to be the one to explain it to you."
Alex thought that was weird, but she let it go.
"Can you turn my iPod on shuffle? I wanna know what exactly is it that I listen to."
Carrie was happy to oblige, turning it on. As the song started, the melody rang a familiar bell for Alex, and before even realizing what she was doing she started sing along.
"If I die young, bury me in satin, lay me down on a bed of roses, sink me in a river, at dawn, send me away with the words of a love song... Oh oh, oh oh... Lord..."
"Of course that would be the song you would sing as you wake up from a coma," a voice coming from the door interrupted her, the words heavy with emotion and held back tears.

The End

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