a dark romance, containing vampires and vampire slayers.

Chapter 1

I had a sick feeling in my stomach, a feeling that meant they were coming. I had some knowledge of this situation and the only things to do was run!

I ran fast and hard, trying to figure out how they'd tracked me. My whole life revolved around them; my job, my house and the city I lived in. Each time they find us, we have to move.

You see, I'm a hunter. Well that's not specifically true, lets just say I'm a hunters apprentice. Being a hunter is one of the hardest jobs there is. But it runs in the family. They say that every 50 years a hunter is born, and out of all the people in our family, it just had to be me.

The air around me thickened and mist formed around me, it was hard to see, but I kept going and eventually saw a church up ahead. I knew that getting into that church was my only chance of surviving.

Just as I was crossing holy ground, I was dragged back by the hands of the enemy. His long, thick talons dug into the skin of my back. His breath was so close to my neck and I felt a shiver travel through my spine.  He  lent his head close to my face, that I knew I was going to die. I closed my eyes and breathed out. Then I re-opened them and saw the full extent of his beauty. His eyes were like a deep, mysterious ocean and as I gazed into them my fear and confusion faded.

The electricity building between us at that moment was so strong that I thought we would be blasted apart, but we weren't. After a moment of dreadful silence, he let me go. I was so astonished that I nearly fainted. 

He looked straight into my eyes as he said " sorry" then ran off into the distance. His voice had been like the voice of an angels, it matched his appearance perfectly. Had that really happened? I thought to myself. I decided that either way, it was the most strange and unexpected thing that had happened in all my life. So this time, I did faint.

The world went black as I fell to the ground, hoping that no vampires would return to get me.



The End

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