When you die, what would you wish for with your last breath?

You never think about dying properly until it's happening to you. When you die, they say your life is supposed to flash before your eyes. So the last thing you see before you're gone is Your Life In Pictures. That might be true. I wouldn't know - it didn't happen for me.

What happens, when you're dying - you might be dead already, but the split second before you die completely seems to stretch out. There's certainly enough time for you to realise that you are about to die, and there's nothing you can do about it. After an epiphany like that, what are you going to be thinking just before the bullet hits your brain, or the illness shuts everything down for good this time? That's the most important thing in life - what you are thinking before you die. If there's a God up there (and, again, I wouldn't know - I didn't choose to go to Heaven or Hell) then he seems to pay attention for only the last nanosecond of your life, when he grants you your very last wish. This wish is whatever you are thinking of when you die.

For instance, a person hit by a car might think, just before he's gone, "I never got to say goodbye to anyone". So then God, or whoever does this, sends a sign to the person's relatives or whoever. People see these as paranormal experiences.

What did I choose to think of in my last brutally short moment on Earth? Well, actually, my last moment might have been dragged out a little longer than most people's. I had plenty of time to realise I was about to die as I was falling from the roof of the 100ft building. And then, the last thing I thought before I hit the ground was that I didn't want to leave my family. I wanted to stay on Earth.

Well, that was my wish. And, hey, it was granted.

I'm still here on Earth, and I didn't have to leave my family. But how are they supposed to know that, when they can't see me, and they buried me?

I am a ghost.

The End

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