Inspired by : Hymn by NightCall

Written by: a member of our facebook group

The world around him was dying, slowly but surely. All around him, its death throes were strangely beautiful to behold. New and deadly mountains still glowing with wild, untamed power stretched into the sky, reaching for the peaceful stars like desperate beggars clawing begging for food. Deep canyons littered the surrounding ground between the new mountains, looking like great massive scars, the bubbling lava every so often spitting out a rogue rock like a child who spits out their dummy. Looking across all of this like a king surveying his kingdom, he was silently horrified at what he had managed to create. 

Turning away from the apocalypse in front of him, he slowly stepped down the rocky outcrop he had been standing on and towards to the area where he had caused the start of this world`s death struggle. Unwilling to look at the devastation happening around him, he bowed his head and closed his eyes, letting the tortured screams of the planet around him guide him through the ever increasing maze of deadly cracks in the ground which constantly spat out flaming liquid death. After a few close calls where he only just stopped before stepping into a deep well of lava, he finally opened his eyes and where it had all began.

Sighing to himself, he managed to sit on one of the few boulders which were not red hot or still soft after being thrown out of the lava. He watched as the bubbling lava slowly started to rise up the rocky hill below him, steadily and surely getting closer and closer to him. He knew that it would claim him eventually, that he would be wiped off the face of the planet in it`s final moments. But as he looked up high into the sky, and saw the untouched stars sparkling above in their brilliant ignorance, he knew that what he had done was the right thing to do. He didn`t need to be forgiven by anyone else, for he had already forgiven himself.

The End

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