Chapter 3Mature

After what seemed like an eternity, I sank to the floor. This was a joke right? I mean, my parents were invincible. They were the strongest people I knew. They met young, defied their families to be with each other, hadn't had contact with their families since I was born, and still gave me the best life anyone could ask for.

So it had to be impossible.... Right?

"We're terribly sorry for your loss," Officer Andrews said. He shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot. "Um, may we come in Miss?"

I looked up at him, refusing to cry. If my parents taught me anything, it was to never cry in front of another, to never show weakness. I was showing enough weakness by staying on the damn floor.

I nodded and slapped his hand away when he tried to help me up. Shock crossed the officer’s face, but I ignored him; I didn't need his help, nor did I want it. I was a big girl. If he didn't understand that, too damn bad.

I pushed myself up and walked over to the loveseat in the living room. I said nothing to the men walking in. I didn't offer them something to drink, or anything of that sort. My mother did that.

My throat closed thinking of her with a tray of drinks. She was too pretty to do such things (bright blonde hair and blue eyes, nice even tan) for such unworthy people. Everyone around her should have bowed down to her beauty and grace. I loved her more than anything. Well, except my father. I loved her just as much as the man that was identical to me, only older.

“May we ask you a few questions?” Officer Andrews asked me. I looked up at his uncomfortable expression and nodded. He took a deep breath. “How close were you with your parents?”

“Very,” I answered coolly.

“And the rest of your family? I’m assuming you are an only child?”

I nodded to his second question. “I don’t know my grandparents very well. I visited my mother’s parents twice in my life and my father’s only once.”

“Explain.” It wasn’t a question. I hated when people told me what to do. I inherited that trait from my mom.

Ignoring the officer’s question, I asked, “What’s going to happen to me?”

The officer frowned. “That’s what we are trying to figure out. Do you know if your parents left a will?”

I shook my head. “I would know if they did. They told me that they would have one done in a few years. My mom kept pushing my dad to make one sooner. ‘You never know when something might happen, Charles.’” My voice sounded wistful.

“Do you know your grandparents names? We can look them up and see if they are still alive.”

“They aren’t. I know that my dad’s parents died about ten years ago. My mom’s parents died about four years back. I didn’t go to any of the funerals.” I choked out the last word.

“I’m sorry,” the other officer said. I practically glared at him.

“Stop apologizing. It’s not like any of it is your guys’ fault.”

“Miss Hallows, I would appreciate if you would stop snapping at my partner and I. We are only trying to help you. We—“

“Help me?!” I interrupted. “If you wanna help, then bring back my dead parents. But that’s freaking impossible so there so no damn way either of you two morons can help me other than getting the hell out of my house!”

Both officers looked at me like I’d gone insane. Maybe I had. I didn’t know. All I knew was that I was livid. How could my parents leave me? They loved me! They needed to stay and continue to love me. Didn’t they get that? Didn’t these officers understand how I was feeling? I was so angry. My heart felt like it was breaking in half. I felt like I was going to die without the love and support my mother and father always gave me.

Earlier today, I had everything I could have ever wanted. Now I just had friends, a house that didn't belong to me, and two parents that I needed to plan a funeral for. Yup, it certainly was funny how things turned out in the world.

The End

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