Forgive My SelfishnessMature

I always had the perfect life. I was popular, rich, and loved. But when my parents died in a car accident, my life went with them. Now I am forced to live in a place that I never wanted to fit in to. The people treat me like a disease. All but one. An outcast, like me. He tries to help, but I push him away. I don't want him or this place. But I soon learn that if I give things a chance, I'd be surprised at what happens. But will I realize that too late?

"Katrina!" I yelled at my best friend from the foot of her staircase. "It's time to go!" It was Friday Movie Night and Katrina (my best friend since forever) and I had plans with our friends from school. Only the popular and they had to be a junior (like Katrina and I) or a senior. Those were our rules.

"Okay, Adria!" she yelled at me, coming down the steps in a denim mini skirt, lime green camisole, and purple pumps. Her golden blond hair cascaded over her shoulders in perfect waves and framed her face perfectly. The dark purple eyeshadow allowed her jade green eyes to pop out wildly. I smiled.

"Nice," I said. She grinned.

"Same to you," she said, nodding at my outfit. Black skinnys that fit me like a second skin, a crimson lace camisole, and black stilletos. I had black around my eyes and I knew that they emphasized my sky blue eyes. My black, spiky hair did that too though. "Ready?" she asked and grabbed the keys to her new BMW. I smiled again.

"Always." We laughed and linked our arms to go meet our many dates.


"Ohmygawd!" Sara shrieked after we threw away our popcorn and turned to leave. We had decided to watch Saw VI. It wasn't even that scary. Good gore factor, I supposed. But the plot was getting old for me. "That was so scary!"She clung tightly to her boyfriend, Damien. He laughed.

"Oh you big baby!" I said. "I've seen way worse."

"Yeah," Katrina agreed.

"Um, Adria?" asked a timid voice from a few feet away. I looked over and saw a dorky guy with glasses that looked too big for his face. His hair looked greasy and it appeared that he had never heard of face-wash. I was immediately grossed out.

"Uh, do I know you?" I asked, irritated at the boy. I looked at my friends for help. They shrugged, not knowing who he was either, He knew my name, and knew I was here. What was he, a stalker or something? Creepy.

"I'm Andrew Matthews. I sit next to you in Pre-Calculas and in Physics. I help you with your work sometimes." I remembered him now. His voice kept breaking, an obvious sign that he was nervous. I didn't care though. I was pissed that the guy was talking to me, in public, in front of my friends.

"What do you want?" I asked, letting vemon slip into my tone. I arched a perfect eyebrow and gave him a scowl.

"I, um... I was wondering." He took a deep breath. "I was wondering if you wanted to go to prom with me." As soon as it was out, I burst out laughing. My friends' laughter was close behind.

"Me? Go to prom with you?! Ha! What a joke!" His face fell but I couldn't find it in me to care. "Listen kid, don't ask someone you will never have a chance with. It's embarassing. Ask some other nerd." I looked at my friends and smiled. "Let's go. I want some ice cream," I said, as we shoved past the frozen boy.

It was funny how things turned out in the world.

The End

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