I See Her.

I started school just last week. 6th grade isn't so hard... It's just, challenging with the people I see around me. They stare at me so awkwardly, like I'm someone who doesn't know what TV was. I do have a close friend of mine. Her name is Victoria, and she seems to understand me. She has long golden, honey-blonde hair that I convinced her to not tie up in a ponytail. She understands me, and always seems to block out the voices I hear whenever she talks. Thank god she talks a lot. She says I'm a good listener, so I guess that is why we're friends. 

"Jenny?" She called out during lunch while I just stare at my turkey sandwich. "Jenny? You alive there?" She called again, this time waving a hand in front of my face. 

"Huh?" I blink, raising my eyebrows. "Sorry, I'm spacing out." The voice was back, only it seemed more sweet-sounding, so sweet you could almost taste it... Like chocolate. 

Victoria rolled her bright hazel eyes, but grinned, "Anyways, don't you think it's so retarded how the chip company or something never fill up bags all the way? Like, they always just seem to fill it up half way, and then what is all the extra plastic or stuff for?" Silence. "Jenny?" She snapped her fingers in front of me. "JENNY!"

"S-Sorry..." I mutter and look down. Will Victoria go away and not be friends with me anymore if I don't listen?

She looked down at me and frowned sadly, "What's the matter? You're never like this." 

I point at a tall tree and whisper, "There." I saw a girl my age, bright red eyes, black disheveled shoulder-length hair, a gray complexion, and a wide smile with yellow teeth gleaming. She wore rags that looked like a short dress. 

"Who? I don't see anything or anyone... Are you talking about the squirrel?" She laughed as the gray brown squirrel ran off up the tree. 

"No... Her. She has gray skin, red eyes, black hair, yellow teeth, wearing rags, staring at me..." I felt a shiver run down my spine. The stare was so intimidating, it burned into my bosoms core. 

Victoria narrowed her eyes in confusion and blinks, "Jenny... What you sort of described to me sounds and looks like a demon. You see demons?" She sounded frightened. "Look at me." She waited, but grew impatient and held my shoulders. "Look at me. Jenny, when I was small, I would see demons too. I saw skulls and they would laugh and taunt me. I imagined a light purple barrier around me and they shattered like glass. Gone. No more." 

I nodded, "You must be an angel then..." I stare at her in daze. Of course, long golden blonde hair... Optimistic hazel eyes... She must be my angel. She must protect me. I closed my eyes, and imagined a purple barrier. In my thoughts, I can see her, the demon, laughing, but I can't hear it. The color changes to a red, then a golden color and she disappears to my relief. Suddenly, it turns black. I don't see a thing, I don't hear anything. Immediately, when I open my eyes, I see the girl in front of me, a wide smile and wide red eyes. 

"Jenny!!! Stop screaming!!!" Victoria held my shoulders from behind. Was she standing behind me all that time? I'm screaming? The demon looks at me and slowly covers my mouth with her cold wet hands and soon, I was silenced. 'Shhh...' the voice inside my thoughts said to me, and soon, I fell unconscious.

The End

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