I Hear Voices

      The thunder crashed and the windows in my room started to shake and tremble, almost in fear. I headed over to my window and quickly drew the curtains and hid the water droplets on the clear glass. I was an only child in my small family, and I didn't have a lot of friends. It was because of that question that made others run away from me. They think I don't have enough respect for this rain-filled land that consumed many wars and deaths of young and old soldiers. Even my parents avoid talking me to me. They said they would forgive me if I apologize to the gray clouds and the people I have offended; the entire town. Though it was just a simple, 'I'm sorry' I couldn't do it. I felt it wasn't my own fault, my innocent curiosity took over me.

      "Did you do your homework Jenny?" my mother knocks on the my door and mumbles to me. The thunder roared, so I pretended I didn't hear her over the noise. I hear her feet shuffle away against the carpet and sigh out loud.

      I looked over to my writing desk to see a small stack of blank papers that I was supposed to write on, but never felt like it. I didn't have much homework since I was only in fourth grade, and at that age, I started hearing voices whisper things in my head. At first I thought I was crazy, the voices murmuring pleads and telling me to do things.

      "If I do it, will you not go away?" I ask them out loud. Although I know they are bad, they were the only ones who thanked me for what I am instructed to do for them. 'Yes.' the voice echoed in my thoughts. "Okay." I say before hopping off my bed and walking over to a small fish bowl in my room. It was a purple and red beta fish I have kept for so long, and the fish was considered my companion.

      I started remembering why I got the beta fish in the first place. It was when I was in second grade I was terrifed of monsters in my room, and so my father got me a fish, telling me it would protect me while I go to sleep. Of course, I still believe that there are monsters lurking in every shadow of my room. "But..." I snapped out of my past thoughts and stare glumily at the wide eyed creature. "He's my friend. He protects me from the monsters." 

      'Kill it and I will provide even greater protection from anything. Nothing will touch or harm you because I am here.' the voice whispers to me. Each time it spoke, it sounded realistic, so very mystical.

      I grinned ear to ear and grabbed the fearful fish by the fin and pulled it out of the water. Watching it flip and struggle for life made my heart hurt, but the voice said it would be better to let its miserable life in the small tank end. Finally, it gave up and stopped flipping. I could see its gills open and close, open and close, open and close, until... It stopped moving for good.

      Thank you for the helpful advice! :D I'm trying hard and rereading this chapter over and over to make it understandable for others! Thank you for the praises as well! -Karasu

The End

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