Chapter 4- Forgive and Forget

Michael stared at the book, perched in a display in the bookshop window on mainstreet. It was a thick, heavy looking book, hard-backed, with a plain black cover. The title was embellished in thin, blood-red script down the spine. A poster above the display garishly announced the new arrival in store; " 'Forgive and Forget' - a bestseller novel, depicting the heart-wrenching tale of two brothers torn apart by love. Now only £25.99!"

Turning away from the window display, Michael turned his face up to the sky and allowed the rain to mix with the tears that fell unheeded down his cheeks. The book had taken him 6 years to complete, and it outlined his entire life with Riley; all of the incredible ups and horrific downs of his life both with and without his best friend.

Michael had quit the army the day Riley had died, returning to Britain alone and grieving. He had begun the book the following year. His aim was to tell the world of the idiocy of holding a grudge against a loved one, and all that can be lost because of it. Michael had lost his entire family due to his own stubborness, and there was nothing he could do to change that. His heart had shattered the day his brother had left the earth, and Michael was now naught but the shell of a man. Inside, he lived only in memories of his brother, dreaming of the day they would be reunited.

But Michael had learned a lesson- albeit the hard way- from his life of mistakes. One that every person should embed in their hearts, and live by every day. And that lesson? Always- Forgive and Forget.

The End

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