Forgive And Forget

We can all forgive, but can we forget? Jenny, a young girl discovers powers beyond her own imagination, literally and takes advantages of it, leading her to believe she's a murderer.

      Rainy days always make me sad. Though, it's where I live. The land Forever Rain is a small island that rains everday. That's how it got its name. Why am I here? My parents say it's necessary because they have important jobs here. I go to a school surrounded by a large clear glass dome, making it feel more like prison, and my window in my room can never be open. I was only seven years old, and this is where people started hating me, for just asking one measly question.

      I walked up to my third grade teacher and asked with pure curiosity in my tone, "Why are the heavens crying?" Everyone stopped and stared at me with wide eyes. The teacher looked furious. I didn't know why, and I still don't know.

      "They cry for the soldiers who have died in war long long ago." he seethed. I didn't know his entire family died because of the war, I didn't know he liked the rain so much... To me, the rain looked like crimson red blood, falling from the sky to tell the world that this is what war does. It brings bloodshed and tears to everyone.

      Now, I am older and I know better, but they still won't forgive me. They can't forgive and forget. No one can. In sixth grade, I remembered asking someone randomly, "Have you ever told the truth?"

      He looked at me with wide and blue eyes, like he was afraid. They were scared of me. I ask  questions is all I do, harmless, innocent questions, but they still run. My parents don't talk to me anymore either. My mother just leaves dinner for me when I choose to come home late, my father doesn't scold me whenever I get in trouble. Sometimes I wonder what the meaning 'family' or 'love' ever meant. That was the past now, I am who I am. And, I know who I am. I'm a killer, a psychopath who has no heart. How I became like this? This is my story....

The End

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