In a perfect worldMature


Olive was gazing and smiling at me as we walked down the road.

"What?" I said at last.

"Nothing," she said with a little smile.

"Olive, you've been staring and smiling since we left that shop," I said, smiling back at her.

She was silent for a moment. I waited patiently, because I knew she would spill eventually.

"That girl was pretty," she said at last.

"Ah. So you're into girls now are you?" I joked.

"Hey," she said, punching me on the arm, "Not for me, for you."

I smiled. Trust Olive to be trying to make me happy already. That girl was pretty though. In a perfect world, she would have thanked me for helping her, and looked up into my eyes and as she did so, she would have fallen in love. Instead she gave me a brief 'thanks' and then reuturned to her phone conversation.

"Thanks Olive, but I'm okay for now," I said, "Do you want me to meet you at break, make sure you're okay?"

She looked mortified.

"No way, I'll be quite alright without you cramping my style," she laughed. We walked past a tough looking boy, with black hair, black skinny jeans, and a black leather jacket. He looked like a rugby player cross rockstar. I wondered if everyone at this school would be as rough. I smiled at him, trying to be friendly. He merely grunted, but I was just relieved he didn't hit me. I noticed Olive staring at him.

"But seriously, you'll leave me alone won't you?" she asked a minute later, concern creeping into her face.

"Of course I will. And Olive?" I said as we reached the school gates. She looked up. "He's too old for you."

She laughed and walked away from me. She'd always been better at adapting than me, so I knew she'd be okay.

The End

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