New TownMature


We rolled into the town late afternoon. Well, it was bigger than a mere town, but not quite a thriving metropalis. As we drove through the maze of strangers and unfamiliar streets I wondered what this new place would bring. It was March; the town was recovering from a cold February. Hints of the winter still lurked on the rainy streets; a patch of snow from  melted snowman, a snowshovel outside someones shed, a pair of wellies, a sledge.

Eventually we arrived at our new house. It seemed to be in the nice end of town; most of the houses had wooden fences and flowerbeds. I looked up at our house. It was big, though not as big as the last one. We stumbled out of the car, leaving all our belongings inside it. I opened the boot and Jess leapt out and trotted to the pavement, sniffing here and there. I clicked my tongue and she followed me up the path and into the new house. Once inside, we began to explore its three floors. I climbed to the third floor, Jess bounding in front of me. The top floor was like a small flat, with a slanted ceiling like it used to be the attic. The stairs lead straight into a little, cosy livingroom. One of our sofas was already in place, and there was a round red rug on the wooden floor. Across the living room was a bedroom

Some of my things were already in there; Dad had obviously chosen this room for me before I'd even arrived. It was a very simple, with white walls, white curtains and white bedding. The floor was wooden, and there were wooden beams across the ceiling. There was also a small en-suite. Jess jumped onto the bed and sat down, watching me. I lay down next to her and stared up at the ceiling.

My little sister, Olive, came in. Well, she's hardly little now. 'Fourteen in two months' she reminds me constantly. Sometimes I swear she's more grown up than me.

"You okay?" She asked me, sitting on my bed next to me.

"Yeah I guess. Should be used to it by now anyway huh?" I said a bit grumpily.

"I know, I know. Maybe this one will be different. We might meet some really cool people," she said, trying to be optimistic.

"We'll only have to say goodbye in a few months anyway," I said. Her face fell a little, and I felt bad. I sat up andgave her a hug.

"It's okay. Maybe this will be the last move," I murmured.

"You don't really believe that though, do you?" she said, looking up at me with her big eyes. I paused.

"No," I admitted, "But you never know. And whatever happens, we'll still have each other."

She smiled and hugged me tightly. Jess whined and tried to lick our faces.

"Yes Jess," said Olive, "and you."

The End

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