Forgetting Is Just A DreamMature

India has a bizare, on off, unofficial relationship with Mark. Jamie, a new boy at her school falls for her, and tries to convince her that her unhealthy relationship isn't worth the hassle.


I would have slept for another hour at least, if those bloody birds hadn't been screaming away outside the window. I lay still for a moment, trying to summon the energy to push Mark's huge weight off me. I glanced at the clock; 10.57 am. I was uncomfortable; Mark's breath on my chest was too hot, and the sheets were twisted around my legs and waist.

I shoved Mark off me and slid out of bed. He grunted and rolled over. I stood over the bed for a moment, watching the steady rise and fall of his bare chest. Even in sleep he didn't look quite peaceful.

 I hunted about the floor for my clothes, and pulled them on. The curtain was drawn, so the room was dark and as I pulled on my jeans I tripped and stumbled, hitting my head off one of his shelves.

"Oh fuck," I exclaimed, rubbing my head which was already pounding from last nights alcohol. I heard a groan from the bed.

"Sorry," I wishpered, and dodged out of the room before he woke up completley. I stumbled down the dingy stairs, and out onto the cold street. My phone rang; the sudden noise made me groan in agony, as my head seared.

"Yep?" I said.

"Ah, your up!" Came Alice's girly voice.

"Barely," I groaned. She laughed.

"So where did you get to last night? Did you go home?"

"Uhm, no I went home with Mark acually," I said meekly.

"Oh. Right," she said, "Well, I guess I'll see you around then."

"Alice wait-" I said, but she'd already hung up.


I arrived home, miserable, tired and full of shame.

"Good party?" mum asked as soon as I was through the door. I groaned a little. She sniggered, "Must have been."

Of course she knew I'd been drinking. She doesn't mind, she knows it's only an occasional thing. She didn't, however, know I stayed at Mark's. No one knows about that, except for Alice. And she makes her opinion very clear.

"I'm going to bed for a bit," I said with as big a smile as I could manage.

I got a text as I reached the top of the stairs. Mark.

We still cool?

I sighed. I used to expect more from him; I wanted him to want me, and miss me when I wasn't there, tell me he loves me . Every text he sent me I opened excitedly, tricking myself into beliving he felt the same way about me as I did about him. I was young and naive, but now I knew better.

Yeah we're cool. See you around.

I pressed send, I flopped onto my bed, curled up, and fell asleep.

The End

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