Losing SanityMature

The next morning, I wake up at seven, not being able to stay asleep any longer, and, after getting ready for the day, make pancakes, with a few Mickey Mouse style ones for myself and Lydia, and one special for her that looks like two B's overlapping just a bit. I almost text Gem to invite him over for breakfast, but I think it might be a bit better to have him meet my mom completely awake.

“Breakfast is ready!”

“What is it?” I can't believe how loud they are combined.

“Pancakes, now hurry up while they're still hot!” I set the plate in the middle of the table, and set the table, remembering to grab syrup right before Lydia comes in, still in her pjs.

“Why so early, Linds? Aren't you tired, you got in late last night,” Lydia asks me, yawning. I decide not to answer, and continue eating. Mom comes into the room pissed beyond belief.

“What the hell, Lindsay, it's 8 in the morning, you came in at almost one, and then you wake me up to celebrate your new boyfriend? I'm telling you, as soon as I'm done eating, I'm going to bed. No one had better wake me up.” She finished her little rant with a glare.

“Boyfriend?! Lindsay, why didn't you say something?! Is it that cute guy from yesterday? Oh, he's totally hot! OMG IS THAT PANCAKE FOR ME?”

“Yes, I have a boyfriend, I wanted to talk to you both about it, and yes, it's Gem. Who the hell else do you think I call Baby Bear?”

“Language, Lindsay. Lydia's only 11 and the baby can hear everything you're saying.”

“I don't know, Linds, that might be your new nickname for Gem.” I laugh, way too giddy to find something that would usually cause me to flip even remotely annoying. I feel my phone buzzing, and see Gem calling, just as he said he would.


“Told you I'd call.”

“Never doubted you would.”

“Want to come down to the beach with me? Swimming, music...?”

“Sure, give me 10 minutes?”

“See you then.”

“Was that Gem?”


“What'd he say?”

“Well, it's none of your business, Baby Bear, but I'm meeting him in ten minutes on the beach.”

“Oh, can I come?”

“Hell, no! I don't want you to feel like a third wheel, Gem and I are still in our honeymoon stage, we're all loveydovey.”

She sighs, “Fine.”

I go to brush my teeth and put on my bikini. Thank God I had thought to shave when I took my shower this morning. I grab a beach towel and my stereo, wanting to be prepared. I put on some sandals and run outside, seeing Gem right at the shore line. Quietly setting my things down, I sneak up behind him and wrap my arms around him, causing him to jump about a foot in the air, making us fall over, me on top of him. I start laughing like crazy.

“Not exactly how I planned it, but I feel like it worked out even better this way.” I can feel him chuckling beneath me.

“Oh, so you think this is funny? How about this?” He flips us over, making sure I'm landed softly on the ground, but he's holding himself over me.

“Quite terrifying. Come into the lake with me?” He nods and stands up, taking my hand to pull me up with him, before scooping me up into his arms.

“What are you doing?” He hushes me and walks out until he's waist deep in water. He sets me down softly, and wraps his arms around my sides. I'm still pretty surprised about the picking me up thing, so I wait until our lips are almost touching, and then splash him, doubling over again with laughter. I stop laughing when he splashes me back. We quickly get into a splash battle. We're both soaking wet when Gem asks for a truce and walks toward me, hands up. I put my hands above my head, too and walk to him.

I place my hands on his shoulders, and he's obviously about to make a joke, pretending not to forgive me, so I stand on my tiptoes and kiss him deeply, and feel him raise his hands to my waist. He starts to rival my intensity, and I can feel every nerve in my body screaming that he's the best thing that ever happened to this world, and the feeling gets even stronger when he kisses up my face to behind my ear making me instinctively push myself closer to him. Gem kisses his way back down, a little past my collarbone, before deciding that he has teased me enough, and I allow him to explore my mouth. When he dances over the roof of my mouth, I can't hold back a small moan, which makes him smile into the kiss. Even with my eyes closed, I can't resist smiling back. He pulls back, and touches his forehead and nose to mine, the corners of his lips turned softly upwards.

“Ready to go back to the beach?” Gem nods, still looking dazed. If he looks so out of it, I must look like I totally lost sanity.

I grab his hand as we walk to the shoreline and smile up at him.

“So, what do you want to do today,” Gem asks, looking at our hands.

“Well, I have to make dinner, my dad and brother are coming here tonight, and apparently it's something to celebrate. Want to come? I still have a while before I need to start whatever I'm making,” I reply, hoping beyond hope that he wants to stay with me.

“Sounds great. Do I need to run home to get a shirt on?”

“No!” Gem grins. I elbow him.

“What I meant was that you can borrow something from inside. Don't tell anyone, but I sometimes sleep in my dad's shirts. They're really big and comfy. What do you think I should make for lunch? And dinner? I should have decided back-” Gem cuts me off with a light kiss.

“I'm sure whatever you make will be wonderful. Share your towel? I forgot mine.” I hand him my towel, now that I'm all dry, and pick up my radio, slipping my sandals on. Gem hands me my towel back, and I drape it over my shoulders. I gently nudge him with my shoulder, and he bumps my arm back. I decide to stop before we get into a shoving battle, and just squeeze his hand with a small smile. I lead him into the house, and hear Lydia shouting at Mom asking where her raspberry colored blouse is. Being the one that put it away, I shout, “Bottom drawer, left side!”

“Thanks, Linds! Back already? Where's Gem?”

“Gem's right here, BB!” She stops slamming drawers and stuff for a moment.

“Hi, Gem!”

“Hey, Lydia! Getting pumped for your first class on Wednesday?”

“Def! Hey, Linds, sorry to steal you away from your boyfriend, but could you help me find something to wear?”

“Do you mind, Gem?” He shakes his head, but leans in closer and says, “Hurry, though.”

I nod and walk into my little sister's now messy room. I'm fast as possible, pointing at her raspberry blouse and a pair of long jean shorts, before handing her some yellow sandals and a yellow flower headband. I walk quickly to Gem, sitting on the couch, waiting for me. I sit down next to him, and he pulls my hand to him, fitting my fingers perfectly in between his.

“Can I just say, I loved you saying my name? And when your little sister called me your boyfriend...” Gem was beaming, and it made my heart melt.

“My boyfriend, Gem.” I leaned in, and rested my head on his chest for a moment before hopping up and pulling him with me to my room. I throw a shirt at him, I think it'll be big enough to get around his very muscular arms. I look through my closet, trying to find a good outfit for tonight. Celebration, my ass. I can't stand my dad. I'm glad Quentin's coming, though. I kind of want him to meet Gem's little sister. I finally pick a pink strapless sundress that comes to the middle of my thigh, throwing on a pair of jean shorts that get hidden, just in case Dad decides the outfit is inappropriate. I walk out of the closet, and Gem's sitting on my bed looking around at my room. I walk over and sit on his lap, both of us immediately wrapping our arms around each other's waist.

“We have time for a movie before I have to make dinner, Gem.” He nods, and we go into the living room, putting in the movie and curling up onto the couch.

The End

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