Enchanting EyesMature

“Mom, why did you pick right then to wake me up?” I say, frustrated beyond belief. Then I realize SHE didn't wake me up, my stupid alarm clock did. Should have unplugged that and put it in my bag last night. Dismissing the entire issue, I pack it and put on my clothes for the day. I go downstairs and make my usual eggs and tortillas for breakfast, I make some for the whole house, knowing that Mom can't drive without food and Dad has started expecting me to make breakfast everyday. I place the food on the cluttered table and wait for everyone else to wake up, eating two servings before the others get to it. Once I'm done throwing the food down my throat, I go over to the piano and play for a bit. I know there will be a piano at the cabin, but I'm really going to miss my piano. I already packed all my sheet music, so I'm stuck playing the few songs I know by heart. After a little bit, Dad comes down, so I feel good going upstairs, washing my face and brushing my teeth before going to my room to put on some light makeup and packing away all the things I’ve used since I went to bed. I make sure I have all my shoes and I put all my chargers in my suitcase, leaving my phone in my pocket, setting my laptop on top of the bags so that I could put it closer to me in the car for when I decide to write.

I wake Mom and Lydia up gently before going into my brother's room and kissing his forehead, he’s coming up with Dad in a week. I load all my stuff into the car where I want it to be, and come in and help my mom and sister get ready. I put my CDs in the glove box, even though I'll probably just end up using Pandora to listen to the Darren Criss Channel. Everything's ready on my part, so I let Lydia brush her teeth and then I put her toothbrush into her bag for her, then brush her hair and put it up in a ponytail like mine before putting that in her bag as well and carrying her bags out to the van. Once Mom is ready, I carry her stuff out and arrange it, leaving space for the cooler, which I end up loading in, too. I start the car and start listening to Darren sing to me while everyone else gets in. I make sure everyone's used the bathroom and has everything they need before backing out. Mom turns on the GPS and puts in the address of the lake house.

About a day and a half, we arrive at the house. I carry everyone's luggage in, and then unpack everything into the dresser and closet in my new room. I make my bed and arrange my bathroom before taking a shower and getting all pretty so I can go into town and see what's there, doing everything while listening to Human from my stereo.

Once I'm satisfied that everything is in it's place and I look presentable, I drive the ten minutes into town, not wavering at all from the GPS's directions to the supermarket. I go in and get stuff for dinner and breakfast, knowing I'll come back before tomorrow's lunch, or we'll go out. I cruise around the town for a bit, seeing parks, schools, houses, dance studios, and even a field hockey area. I tell my phone to remind me to bring the Lydia here, as long as she's behaving. I look at the public beach and smile, it's beautiful, though crowded and the sand looks more rocky than at the private beach. I set the GPS for the drive home so I can put away the groceries and make dinner. I come in and neither Mom nor Lydia has put away their things. I take care of Lydia's and get her up so she can be awake once dinner is ready, letting Mom rest after a long night filled with driving. I finish making chicken with mushroom sauce and noodles, probably one of the easier things I make. I softly shake her awake and tell her what's for dinner and that it's ready.

“Chicken? Could we have something else, hon? I'm totally craving steak.”

“Mom, I already made it.”

“Ugh, the baby is kicking over this, please, can we just go out tonight?”

I can't stand it when mom guilt trips me over the baby, which she wants to be so careful about because of her age.

“Fine, I'll put it away, get ready to go out. I'll tell Lydia to put on some presentable clothes for once.”

“Thanks, baby girl.”

I give Lydia a sundress, trying to make sure that she looks appropriate without making her too incredibly warm in the heat. I put on a cute sundress myself, red with white polka dots. I personally think that it contrasts well with my tannish skin and long, dark hair. I’m pale by blood, but I make sure to be out in the sun as often as possible. I curl my hair a little bit, just enough to make it bounce when I walk and it hangs in waves, fanning from my face, which has minimal make up on. I make sure everyone is ready and drive them to the restaurant I saw earlier. We get seated immediately and I get a Mountain Dew, I’m exhausted by then. I kind of drift off mentally when Mom and Lydia start talking about how the first thing they want to do this weekend is go to the closest mall. I hope they don't expect me to drive them, because I sure as hell won't drive them an hour just to get some damn lotion. I start looking around the restaurant, looking at the pictures of movies, actors, and musicians. I realize someone's staring at me, but decide not to look and find out. The waitress comes back and I tell her that I want salmon. Using the opportunity to find out who was looking at me, I quickly glance at all the people I can see without moving my head. Just when I thought he must be behind me, I see him. The guy from my dream, that I thought was a nameless desire of my heart, is just a few feet away from me. He sees me looking and he smiles the most beautiful smile I could imagine. I smile back, and look down at the table before allowing a peek at him. He's still looking and winks at me before turning back to who I can only think is his family, a girl about my brother's age, 14, and his parents. I blush and my mother notices.

“Lindsay, why are you blushing?”

“Nothing, Mom.” I'd be a fool to make myself believe that I'll see him again, but I can't help the fantasies from clouding my mind. Him walking over and saying that the moment I walked in, he couldn't help the need to talk to me and learn my name. Usually I'm not prone to daydreams like that, but he's just... special. That's the only word I can use for him. Once our food comes, I half-forget he's there, making eye contact every few seconds, and eat at almost my regular speed. I get a bit of dessert, and eat it slowly and quite ladylike, little bites without getting whipped cream on my face. When I glace over as we're getting up to leave, I see him looking over to me again, with a trace of regret in his dark green-blue eyes. Finding courage from somewhere deep in my shivering body, I mouth, I'll see you later. He smirks, and nods before turning back to his family.

Driving home, I feel almost giddy with happiness, something that I haven't felt in longer than I can remember, since before the… never mind.  His eyes hold a promise that makes me shiver with its sincerity.

The End

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