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Lindsay goes with her family to Lake Michigan for the summer, when she meets a boy that overrides her normal personality and she finds a part of herself she thought had died long ago.

“Mom! I can't find my other suitcase!” I shout through the house.

“I think it's under my bed, Linds!” I hear her yell back from the living room.

Why the hell would my extra suitcase be under her bed? I don't even care much right now, so I just go in and get it so I can finish packing for Michigan. I’ve still not come to complete terms with our choice of vacation spots. I mean, we could have gone to Cali for the summer, or the East Coast (which we're closer to, and we have family there), but no, we had to go to Michigan. Become “one with nature”. I get it, I know that Michigan is where my mom grew up, and it's a beautiful state. We'll have this lovely cabin right on a private beach of Lake Michigan. The other side is full on woods. It'll take us 10 minutes to drive to the end of the town, but that's not my problem. I don't really have a problem with Michigan itself, just how far it is. I'll miss my friends back in Florida. At least in Michigan, no one knows about the school thing. Well, besides my family.

Just thinking about the school thing puts me in a bad mood. I know that mom hopes that this trip will pull me out of my depression, and I guess I do, too, but I'm not counting on it. As a sixteen year old going into my freshman year of college, I don't have much chance at happiness. Lindsay, the little kid that belongs somewhere else. No matter what I do, that's who I am. I guess it doesn't matter. I pack a separate duffel bag with my favorite books and a few workout outfits. I decide to throw my boxing gloves in with the rest. I know that there's a gym not too far from where I'm staying with the family, I'll probably sign up for a summer.

All fitness ideas aside, I am pretty pumped for this trip up north. Apparently there are some cold and rainy days on the forecast, my favorite for reading. Well, reading by sunlight isn't exactly bad, but come on, curled up with a blanket by the fire? That's just... classic.

Now that I'm all packed for my everyday clothes and pj's, I get my dresses and swimsuits. The dresses I put in garment bags, and I throw my bikinis into a flap of my duffel bag. I make sure I have my phone on the charger and I have my laptop plugged in. I know I'll be reading, writing, and talking on the very long ride to Michigan. When I'm not driving. At least I have my license, so I'll be taking the early morning driving shifts, cutting our drive time. Dad won't be joining us for another week; he's got a few meetings here in Tampa before he goes to a bunch of meetings in Michigan. Thinking about how all he ever does is go to meetings, I make sure almost all the dresses I'm packing would look good for a dinner with Dad's coworkers. I put my jewelry box into my bag and put a few pictures in, too. I set my makeup bag on top of my now zipped and very full duffel bag, I know I'll need it tomorrow before we leave. I'm taking a shower tonight, trying to be ready for tomorrow. Plus, if I took a shower right before we left, I would be driving with wet hair for hours, without being able to brush it.

I put my Animal Love CD in my stereo, adding both of those to my list of things to put in the van's backseat and trunk. I know there'll be at least one person sleeping there at all times, so I remind myself to make sure that I don't over spill and give them less than two seats to stretch out on. I carry the stereo into the bathroom, and turn it up so I can hear it over the shower once I get in. I wash my hair and body quickly, and make sure that I don't need to shave before tomorrow. Once I'm through the 12 minutes of cleaning, I hop into the one pair of pjs that I'm not taking tomorrow, a nightgown my grandmother gave me for my birthday years ago. I fall asleep after about an hour of reading, and find myself dreaming of a boy with dark hair and tan skin. I wake up the next morning right before he tells me his name.

The End

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