Annoying Merchant ManMature

As Alan and his mother entered the village at the bottom of the valley they were greeted by not-so quiet sound..."HEY! YOU TWO! NEWCOMERS!" the two turned to a merchant, no older than 16, sitting on the counter of his store.

He smiled stupidly, "Hey! Finally got your attention!" he then laughed so hard he fell over into his store."Oh goodness! Alan go see if hes okay!" Alan did as his mother commanded."Hey Mister? You OK?" Alan asked as he leaned over the counter. The man rubbed his head, "Ouch, yeah. I think so."

Alan crawled over the counter then offered his hand to the man, "You make a great first impression." "Right, I'm Rualen by the way." he said as he took Alan's hand. "Alan, Alan Risa," Alan beamed, "nice to meet you." Rualen smiled, "Right,  Rualen Gaigem."

Alan nodded, "Well I figured." Rualen looked confused for a moment. "Your sign says 'RUALEN'S GENERAL' so put two and two together." Alan replied. Rualen nodded, now understanding.

"Well I need to go now, see you later Rualen" Alan beamed as he jumped over the counter. Alan and his mother continued down the main road. "Huh," Rualen said quietly to himself, "Things will be more ineresting now." 

As Alan and his continued she spoke up with the most mischievous smile she could muster, "Wasn't that Rualen a handsome man?"Alan shrugged, "I guess. He's fairly muscular for a guy his age."

She nodded with a smile, "But he was attractive right? Maybe even to the point of a questionable orientation?" Alan stopped, "Mother. I love you to death, but you cannot set me up with people. If I want to be in a relationship then I'll pick them myself."

She pouted but nodded, "Alright, but you know, you're not getting any younger." Alan laughed, "And, how old are you?" All of a sudden he felt a sharp pain in the back of his head. "Ow! Mother!"

"Respect your elders!" she replied, hands on her hips, and a satisfied smile in her face. At the end on the road there was a forked sign on the right there was: "JAMES RANCH" and "JUNK SHOP".  On the left there was "MELODY FARM" and "MOUNT SOGYO NO KOTOWARI". 

Alan turned to his mother, she just smiled and turned left. Alan followed silently. "Alan," she said, "I think you should know your inventory." Alan nodded.

"Of course." She looked over her shoulder at her son. "Here." She handed him a small piece of paper, which he quickly took and read aloud.

"One bull, two heifers, one rooster, twelve hens, two horses, and a dog," Alan seemed thoroughly impressed, "well you guys should have just gotten a zoo." She just laughed.

"But Alan, what would you do with a tiger? Or an elephant? A giraffe maybe?" Now it was time for Alan to laugh. 

They were then greeted with a gate. Nothing fancy, just a wooden gate. They both paused and glanced at each other. They were both filled with an intense emotion. Ms. Risa smiled sadly and, as a tear fell over her cheek, cupped her sons cheek.

"I'm proud of you Alan. Your father would be too." Alan smiled and blinked back tears, "If only Dad were here." She placed a hand over her sons heart.

"He's there Alan. He will always be with you, til the day you die and get to see him again," she smiled and jokingly finished, "and don't you even dare to think of getting there before me either." Alan blinked and smiled.

"Thanks mom."

The End

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