Forget Not The Harvest MoonMature

Alan Risa is the new guy in Forget Me Not Valley. There me meets James Sanlesa the rival farmer, Rualen Gaigem a vivacious merchant, Princess Ayane Suzumushi the princess who lives on Mount Sogyo no Kotowari, and Sakanade Kinshara the inventor. A rivalry? A hidden love? A marriage? A death? Read and findout ^~

The 19 yer old brunette stood with his mother at the opening to the far-reaching valley. "Mother?" the boy asked, turning to the only parent he had.

"Yes Alan?" she replied her failing eyes still taking in the beauty of which they would start their new life. He smiled and wrapped an arm around her, "Why here?"

She found this amusing and laughed slightly, "It's the last thing your father ever gave me." "He gave you a valley?!?" Alan asked jokingly.

She laughed once more, causing her to cough and hack. Once she had recovered her composure she simply stated, "No, he gave me a farm in the valley. Your father grew up here. He loved this place." Her eyes started to tear at the thought of her late husband.

He had been diagnosed with Malaria and died soon after. In his will he had left everything he had to Alan and his wife. Meaning a small sum of money and the said farm.

The money ended up going towards the hospital bills so this was all that was left. Alan nodded and looked at his mother. He wiped her tears away and smiled, "Well then, lets go."

Little did he know that when they would arrive chaos would induce from there on out, caused by: EVERYONE!

The End

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