First Day At SchoolMature

I woke up at 8 30 to get ready for my first day at school what a bore but if I want to fit in I must go and be a real student, maybe if someone annoys me they will be my lunch.  I smiled to myself and finished drinking the blood bag I stole from the hospital last night.

I ran to school and got there just after 8 40. Everyone stared at me like I was an alien. I decided to ignore them and headed to the office to pick up my timetable. I couldn't believe the old bat behind the desk was still working there. Her grey hair remember was now white and her glasses were now bigger which made her look bog-eyed.

"Hello dear" She greeted me. 

"Hey I enrolled here this year and I was wandering if I could have my schedule?" I flashed her my razor sharp teeth and she quivered.

"" She stuttered.

''Amy Henshaw." I lied.

"Any relation to Annie Henshaw?'' She asked me which shocked me to think she remembers me.

"Yes I am her younger sister.'' 

''Sorry for your loss dear, she was a very friendly student always said hello to me in the morning.'' She smiled as she thought about all the good time she had with me. Not.

''My sister was a saint she didn't deserve to die.''

''Did they catch the guy who murdered her?'' My eyes widened. I was not fucking murdered I was blown off a fucking bridge you bitch. If only I could've said that.

''No I think he is still on the loose she was probably not the first and last girl he has killed which saddens me.'' 

The End

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