Forget Me NotMature

Annie died 5 years ago and was turned into a vampire by her ex lover the only way she could get away from him is by going back to the place he would never look to find her, her hometown in Crook County Durham. Nobody recognises her and she trys to blend in with the rest of the girls at school. But someone has been watching her and knows her secret.

I arrived back in Crook after five years, it was weird being back home after all this time, I didn't know what I thought of the big changes and I didn't know what I was going to do now that I was back. I had to admit I felt free again and well alive.

I wiped the blood of the old lady off my lips and retracted my teeth. ''I'm sorry, but you were going to die anyway.'' I smiled and ran my fingers through her permmed white hair. I needed the house I had no where to live, she wouldn't be missed everyone in this town hated her. The only thing thing that I hated about this house was the smell of old and the decor it had gross written all over it.

It did feel really good to get away from Jake he was no fun all he wanted was deer and rabbits, what kind of food is that. I do sometimes miss him especially when I think about when I died. ''What was that Carol you want to know how I died'' I asked crouching down next to her corpse. ''I don't want to bore you to death about my life story, okay you pulled my arm, I will tell you.'' I sat down in her dusty chair and opened one of her books.

''It was exactly five years ago today on January 15th 2005 that I Annie Kane died, It was the best day of my life. Jake and I were making out under a bridge when I had the idea to go on top of the bridge and wave at the passing trains. Jake wasn't too interested but he agreed to it anyway, we climbed up to the top of the bridge after a train had passed and sat next to the tracks waiting for the next train. Minutes were passing and there was no sign of trains coming so I decided to dance on the tracks, Jake was begging me to get off and to sit back down, I  told him to stop being a spoil sport and come dance with me. Just as he stood up a train was coming at full speed and blew me back off the bridge and onto the ground.'' I turned a few pages in the book and carried on talking.

''Jake jumped off the bridge and landed next to me and saw I was dying, he bit into his wrist making a red ribbon of blood pour out, he pressed his wrist against my lips to drink his blood then he bit my neck and drank mine. I started feeling weird and my heart was beating really fast then slowed down till it completly stopped.'' I snapped the book shut. ''And there you have it I woke up days later and was a vampire living in London, the end.'' I looked at Carol ''Yes I was speechless too. Now what am I going to do with you.''

The End

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