There She IsMature

The inn gave a violent shake. Sybashu gripped the bed, but he slipped and crashed to the cold, damp ground with a spear of pain gouged into his side. He thrashed like a slippery salmon, glass smashing around him, wet, jaggard shards scattering across the floor. Screams sent a chill down his spine.

"Lord!" Thyun tore the door open, stumbling in as the roof gave a moan of weakness and began to cave in. The young servant grabbed Sybashu's bandaged hand and gripped as tight as he could.

"What in flaming-" Sybashu grabbed for words as he was dragged to his feet and pulled through the wreckage.

The far left wall exploded with a cloud of dust and flying wood. He could hear the growl of catapults outside. Another boulder hurled past and smashed the place he had lain terrified moments ago.

Thyun dragged him into the hall and they both slid down the stairs at speed. The bar that had once been packed of grinning drunkards was now cleared, pools of alcohol spreading across the ground. Sybashu tripped after Thyun, heading for the exit. Outside, Griem was stuggling to hold the horses against the carriage. There was the clash of metal on metal, and men on horseback flurried across the path.

Sybashu felt Thyun slipping away, and he was lost in a whirlpool of cavalry and swordsmen. His side stung, and he felt a blade cleanly tear open his bindings, dragging a welt down his leg. Something burnt in his blood, and Sybashu whirled around and grabbed the sword with his bare hands and pulled it towards him. He whisked it from the fighter's hands, and flipped it around to grip by the hilt.

"There she is!" A horseman roared.

Sybashu looked around wildly and swung the sword with strength, slicing a chainmail with a satisfying growl.

"Lord!" Griem appeared and grabbed him from behind. "Drop that sword and get in the carriage before they destory it!"

They hurried for the carriage, scrabbling behind the curtain and collapsing in a musky darkness. Thyun cracked the reins and the wheels gave a heave against the wet ground, and they pulled ahead. Sybashu struggled to get to the rear window and stand on a bale of hay, staring out at the inn. A man had halted his horse near the building, holding a match in his hands. He flicked it, and the little strand flew across the air, and landed in the alchohol stained bar. Sybashu pulled away, sitting down as the inn went up in flames.

The End

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