Remember MeMature

"You should be safe in here, my Lord." Thyun hissed, pushing the creaky door open on rusted hinges.

Sybashu looked around the darkness, a bandage that had slipped a little obscuring the vision of his right eye. Griem hobbled past him, sneering as he cut his gaze over the poorly cleaned room.

"Not a good place for Lords." He remarked, poking a finger through a hole in one of the windows.

Thyun drew his tongue over his chapped lips. He ignored Griem and helped his disabled Lord to the bedside to sit down. Sybashu melted into the mattress, then just sat there, itching subconsciously at his fingers. The two merchants began to rifle through the room, opening drawers and wardrobes.

So itchy... Sybashu leered to himself, rubbing his thumbs into his palms.

Boots thudded against the wooden boards. "Stop." Griem said thickly, holding a jug of water. Using fat, wedged fingers, he began to unravel the bandages, and winced at the pulsing burns and blisters beneath the folds.

"Dragons, you say?" Sybashu said, averting his gaze as the water sloshed over the lip of the jug and splashed across his welted hands.

"Aye." Griem dried the Lord's fingers with a mottley cloth. "The plains were pretty much on fire. You were just lying there..."

A faint memory bolted through Sybashu's mind. He pictured the open ground, and an aching heart. He raised his arms to stare across at his revealed hands. What a distain.

"M'Lord," Thyun lowered a tray under his troubled gaze. The young man's face was rather ashen.

Sybashu picked at a couple of hot wedges and popped one in his mouth, hissing against the burning heat against his tongue and chewed, swallowing, then picking up the jug and washing it down with a hearty swig.

Griem headed for the slightly ajar door. "I'm going to take the horses to the stable."

Thyun nodded and took a wedge, blew on it, then nibbled it with satisfaction gleaming in his eyes. Sybashu leaned into the mattress, lying down and wrapping the material around his fingers again. He allowed a sly smile on his face. His memories may not of been completely back, but the few tiny ones made him smirk as he lowered into a drowsy sleep...

The End

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