If Looks Could KillMature

Lord Sybashu hunched in the carriage, knees pressed together, head laid on top of them. Questions were like whirlwinds through his mind, ones that held no answers, no matter how much he talked to himself. Am I going mad like the others? He wondered openly, raising his eyebrows and his often wandering gaze as a shadow of light fell over him.
A tall man with a square face, wrinkled features and a hunched form held the curtain back. Sybashu could just see Griem through the thin woved fabric, and he itched at his eyes. "My Lord, we have stopped by Rhisinkeyp. It's late, and we don't want to leave you in here alone. Never know who might be wandering these streets."
Sybashu snorted and squared his shoulders, which ached and made his arms feel heavy. "Where are you going? Where are we? I'm sorry, I don't know what you are talking about."
"Your voice is like a womans," Griem ignored him completely, despite his great respect for his injured lord. "We'll take you in the tavern, get something to eat, then take a room at the inn."
He shrugged, licking the bile taste from the roof of his mouth. "If you say so, I'd do with a bite or two." He rubbed his empty stomach with a well wrapped hand. He heard Griem retreating, and the voices of him and Thyun outside, muffled by the wind that whistled through the thin gaps between the planks of wood.
Sybashu badly wanted to itch his hands, but his wrists were tied together. He threw his arms out at the water skin and pressed his palms closer to grab the edge, then pulled it in like a fishing net and propped it up against his legs, then sucked at the warm, dirty water for a moment to cool his dry throat.
"My Lord," Came a voice, then a loud thump, and Thyun was inside too. "I'll help you out. Its a long drop to the ground from up here."
Lord Sybashu squinted and saw Thyun with his blond hair mopping over his face, holding out a gloved hand. He reached out and took it, then flinched as an image of everything around him flashed before his eyes. He accepted the strange look Thyun gave him, but just brushed the straw from his lap and followed, legs weak from being bundled up for so long.
Outside, the night air was like a new dawn to him. He snatched a long nasal breath, the icy kiss of dying spring stinging his nose. After being led from the cabin and onto the ground, Sybashu tried putting pressure on each of his legs to help ease the pain of standing. The whole world around him was whirling by like swallows diving in and out of the trees on a hot afternoon.
He was led towards the sound of cheery laughter, the clink of glasses, and the crackle of a fire. The tavern door creaked open on old hinges, and the waft of strong ale greeted Sybashu. He limped behind Thyun, trying to make it look like they weren't holding hands.
The room went ghostily silent, and he heard Griem curse under his breath and sit down on a barstool. Thyun shivered, and the feeling of fear hit Sybashu like a scent as they both sat down. He held his hands in front of himself and stared at them. He glanced over his shoulder, and from the back of room, in a dark and dingy corner, a pair of amber eyes stared right through him.
"Lets get to our rooms, Thyun." Griem muttered lowly, and Sybashu heard the metal legs of the stool groan against the hard wood. 
They all exited quietly for the stairs towards the hotel rooms. Sybashu didn't look back, but closed his eyes, feeling the dark honey stare burning into his back all the way up the stairs.  

The End

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