My heart beats for the words I weave through this book~♥

Lying on the scorched, acidric grass, body twisted and facing the clouds. Letting the rain wash away the memories. Claws of what you left with me raking down my sides. Leaving scars, that I will nurse, internally. Bleeding. Forevermore.
I'm broken, shattered glass, swept away by you. I want to breathe, but you've stolen everything. Even the pain. Swollen eyes from the tears I gave for you, now just red rings that remind me that I ever cared. Your voice is still in there, why do I persist to remember? I rolled onto my side and clutched my stomach. Don't leave me lying here. Bleeding. Forevermore.
Speckles of rain darken the soil, and I reach out my hand, then flinch, not wanting to look at the scabs I'd created from itching them so badly. I feel my heart peeling away, you're grating my soul... I want to scream, kick out my legs, bite, thrash, kill. But what would I gain. Sometimes I think I'd get my true dream.
You said you loved me, but I was a toy, a tool. You said we wouldn't break appart, we were together. You said that if I died that you would kill yourself, but now I'm dying daily, I'd like to see you care.
The new winds rip at the plains, and I struggle to hold on. Why do I bother holding on anymore? I have nothing to stay for. My mother was killed for her murderous, world-ruling personality. I never knew my father. My grandparents are on the good side. I have no side. I'm not the glue, I'm not good or bad. I'm broken. I'm bleeding. Forevermore.
There is a faint voice, and breath on my neck, I try to roll off my side, but I am shaking too hard, fighting it too much. Resisting has never gotten me anywhere before, but the pain is ravaging me like fire. The flames of anguish destroy me, I'm ashes, but I revived for a moment, staring into amber eyes so hard, dark, and glaring. But somewhere I see love, a passionate emotion that is meant for me. I reach out, then the figure turns away, I see darkness and I am left bleeding. Forevermore.

The End

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