Chapter 2

"A vampire huh?  Well that's pretty neat--hey let me see your teeth."

"Come on," replied Sarah.  She felt as though she always had to defend her sanity around Risa, but even she had to admit the utter weirdness and unbelievability of the whole situation.  "I'm not a damn vampire and I'm not worried about becoming a vampire.  I'm worried about this freak calling me.  He knows me somehow Risa, for chrissake he knew my nightmare."

"I promise I didn't tell anyone about your dreams Sarah.  I mean, why would I, it's a boring run-of-the-mill nightmare."

"It's different when you see that...face.  And I believe you.  So what the hell is going on then?"

"I don't know" said Risa who paused to gawk at a tight-jeaned, handsome man walking on the sidewalk past the store's window and to take a monstrous slug of her caramel-choco-latte. Snapping out of it, her face suggested that she had the answer to all of Sarah's problems.  "The pills.  It's gotta be the pills.  Maybe they're making you a little nuts you know?  Sometimes that happens with stuff like that.  And I want to hear this recording anyway, sounds too creepy to pass up."

Sarah hesitated and said, "I deleted it."

"You what?"

Sarah had to defend herself once again.  "I deleted it.  I don't want him just sitting in my answering machine.  You think I just want him sitting in my answering machine?"

"He's not in your answering machine, Sarah."

"Well not anymore he's not.  It's probably done now anyway.  I just think it was something weird and it just won't happen again."  Sarah said this looking at her coffee as though it was some far off place.

"Okay, well, fair enough.  But when he calls back? don't delete the message.  And maybe you should just meet him anyway, maybe he's cute.  Did he sound cute?"

"No he didn't sound cute.  I'd be fine if I never hear that voice again."

Sarah spent the rest of her evening making dinner, watching television, and most of all avoiding the answering machine whose repeating beep, denoting an unheard message, was always followed by an extra-hard beat of Sarah's heart. 

Before bed, she finally approached the machine as though it was some cornered beast and pushed the button.

"Sarah, it's me" she was relieved to hear Risa's voice. "I was just wondering if you got any more phone calls from your vampire boyfriend.  Call me back."

The End

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