Forever with me.

"Come with me Sarah. Come with me and you can be forever. The world will be yours for the taking and no one will stand in your way. Come with me Sarah and you can be like me."

Sarah woke with a shuddering gasp. Breathing heavily she fumbled for the lamp and flicked it on. The bright light caused her to squint and she leaned back against her headboard. Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath she hugged a pillow to her stomach. Her body was covered in drying cool sweat. Groaning she got up and headed out of her room and downstairs to get a glass of water. After she poured it she sat down at the table and her mind went back to the nightmare. "Well" she thought. "At least it didnt show his face this time." Sarah had been plagued by these nightmare for about a month now and usually they went on to reveal the person who was speaking to her. And he was probably one of the most hideous creatures Sarah had ever seen. His skin was all thin and papery and pulled over his face like saran-wrap. He was bald and had blue veins running all over his skin. His eyes were pure black and full of evil. Sarah shuddered just thinking about it. Finishing her glass of water she got up and went upstairs to try and get some more sleep in before she had to go to work.

"So, how was your date last night?" Sarah asked her best friend and coworker Marissa. Her and Marissa were on thier lunch break. They worked at a coffee shop. 

Marissa laughed. "It was alright. He was nice and a good dancer." "Buuuut?" Sarah said.                                                                                Rissa sighed. "But, he was balding."                                                     Sarah burst out laughing. "You are soo superficial."                           Rissa pretended to be insulted. "Can i help it if i dont like bald men?" She pouted.                                                                                     Sarah snorted. "You dont like any men. Your so picky."                      Rissa laughed and took a sip of her drink. Then suddenely she was leaning in close to Sarah scrutinizing her face and noting the dark circles under her eyes. "You didnt sleep well huh?"                  Sarah shook her head.                                                                             "Nightmares again?" Rissa asked. Rissa was the only other person who knew about Sarah's nightmares.                                    "Those pills didnt help?"                                                                         Again Sarah shook her head. She had gone to the doctor about two weeks ago to see if there was anything that could be done about it and he had given her some pills to help her sleep. They did indeed cause to fall asleep quickly, pretty much knocking her out but still she ended up waking up with the nightmares.           Rissa leaned over and hugged her. "Come on eat your food and then we'll go finish work for the day. Then you can go home and try to get some sleep."

After she was done work Sarah went home intending on doing just that but the message on her phone stopped her. Pressing the play button she listened with intesifying fear and curiosity.

It said "Hello Sarah Parkers. My name is Tyson Mcloud. I need to meet with you as soon as possable. We have inportant matters to discuss. About your nightmares that you've been having. Id like you to contact me at 604-955-3127 so we may meet and discuss some things."

Sarah stared at her answering machine. She only told one person about her nightmares and she trusted Rissa to have not told anyone. Scared out of her wits with little thoughts of stallkers flitting through her mind she grabbed the phone and began to dial Rissa, bu then she paused. What if he was here watching her right now. Waiting for her to do something before he made his move. Sarah glanced around her kitchen fearfully. Just then her phone rang in her hand causing her to jump violently and let out a little scream. Pressing the talk button she said "Hello?"                    "Hello Sarah."                                                                                               Her heart almost stopped it was the voice on the answering machine.                                                                                                        "What do you want?" She choked out.                                                   "I need to talk to you. It's about something very important."               "So talk."                                                                                                        "Id prefer if we met somewhere."                                                            Sarah snorted. "Im not meeting you anywhere. So either talk or im going to hang up."                                                                                     He sighed. "All right. I need to talk to you about vampires. And about how your going to become one."                                              Sarah's mouth dropped open for a minute before she gathered her wits about her and said "Goodbye!" and hit the talk button before slamming the phone down on the counter.                            "Great" she thought. "Now i have to worry about crazies around thinking im a vampire as well as my creepy nightmares. Picking up the phone again she decided to call Rissa.

The End

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