Forever Unreal -- Lost LoveMature

“Hey Olivia, you ready to go to my place?” he said as if he wanted everyone to hear, making Olivia blush a deep shade of red.


“Yes but don’t say it so loud Oliver please everyone is looking at me.” She said to him softly but a little smile was creeping up on her face. She couldn’t help it, I mean she was going to his house, for like the millionth no billionth time in her lifetime.


“OK sorry dear.” He acted as if they were dating was his tone. He laughed and put his arm around her and headed to his car and sighed softly. “You know Olivia your like my closest friend I have no idea what I would do without you, you’re amazing.” He said in a soft tone as if he was thinking about having a life without her. “You treat me like I am a human being and not some famous tramp.” He said and laughed softly as he opened the door for her.


“Well, you are human as far as I know Oliver, and well your not famous so I don’t think we have to worry about that.” She laughed softly as she heard him laugh at her jokes.


“Your right hun.” He said in his gay voice and started towards his house. The whole drive they were talking about there past life with each other. Saying how much it was when they were a kid, him admitting when he was gay, before then when he had a crush on her in the fifth grade, all great times.


“Oliver…what would you say if I told you I still have a crush on you.” Olivia said with a blush on her face and sighed softly.


“I wouldn’t be surprised, honestly Olivia I know you are in love with me, and honestly Olivia I love you to but you know we would never work, one everyone thinks I am gay I could turn bisexual but how much would that hurt the girls I turned down with the excuse that I’m gay? It just wont work unless you want to keep it a secrete which I can’t do with my love.” He said in a serous tone with a hint of sadness, you can hear his heart breaking piece by piece. It was hurting Olivia just listening to him slowly break down in his car on the way to his place.


“I-I’m so sorry Oliver I didn’t mean to bring this up I’m a horrible person.” Olivia said and started to tear up slightly as he stopped the car at his house. He lived alone since his parents kicked him out after they found out he was gay, well bisexual now.


“Olivia dear don’t cry please.” He whispered, as he wrapped his arms around her and sighed softly in her ear.

The End

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