Forever UnrealMature

About a girl who falls for what she thinks is a gay guy and founds out more then she could ever wish for.

Olivia looked over at Oliver and then blushed slightly, sure he was gay but still who wouldn’t dream of being with him. His dirty blond hair perfectly sitting on his head, and his face.  His baby green eyes that showed his true kindness and soulfulness, his nicely just perfectly toned body. Even his height in Olivia’s eyes was perfect, six foot three. Olivia couldn’t match up to the other pretty girls going after him, even though he was gay and they knew it, they always tried to get him to turn at least bisexual so they had a chance with him. He was a basketball player, and hell of a good one at that, yup that was yet another reason girls went after him. Honestly in Olivia’s eyes it was pretty sad how many times he gets asked out a day.



            Olivia never tried to do that to him, if he was gay then that’s who he was, and that’s how they became close friends in grade seven by her accepting that fact that he was gay and didn’t want woman or her, now there in grade eleven and still closer then pb and j. Sure she had a crush on him but with him being gay and knowing she had a crush on him, they seem to be even closer. Was he turning bisexual for her?


“No way.” She said to herself as she shook her head making her medium length hair go into her face.  Making her blink a few times as she came back from her deep weird stupid thoughts about them dating. Olivia was a pretty girl; she was five foot five, with orange hair that was only to boob length. She had a c cup bra size, and was very slim. The only issue with her was that she had two different colored eyes. One was a baby blue and the other was a dark depressing blue. Making her in the “weirdo” group at high school.


“Hey Olivia you coming over to my house to study right girl?” Oliver asked in his friendly English accent.


“Yup like always Oliver.” She said and smiled a friendly but jealous smile at him. He had all the girls and guys around him. Yet she had to sit with her other friends aka “the Weirdo’s.” It wasn’t fair she was friends with the coolest guy in school yet she didn’t get to sit with him. He even tried a few times but everyone else rejected her.


“Stupid eyes.” She said to herself in an angry fashion.


“Why must I be stuck with my grandma’s eyes I mean honestly?” She said out loud angry and frustrated tone.


“Olivia I love your eyes, it shows your different and not a zombie like the rest of those people, just accept yourself, your so pretty and you should accept who you are no matter what anyone else thinks.” One of the kids said at the table, they were right she was pretty and she did need to accept that. It was hard for her to she wanted to be with Oliver in the cool table so his arm would be around her like he always does when there alone.


“I guess, I think I might try contacts! That might work.” Olivia said and smiled at her own idea.


“Olivia did you hear a thing I just said?” the kid said in a frustrated tone. Olivia wasn’t listening to her at all in fact she felt like she was in her own little world. She was staring at Oliver and day dreaming of them being together for the millionth time this lunch. No joke. She sighed deeply as she looked down at the table as her daydream ended with her in the dumpster and all gross and mostly dead.


“Your right, but the fact is I already act as if I’m not one of the zombies, I am different and everyone knows it, not the eyes but just who I am and that’s why me and Oliver are friends to this day David, so please don’t give me that crap.” Olivia said in a soft tone to show her soft side while she was trying to be mad. It was hard for Olivia to be truly mad, her heart was too big and her mind always solved her own problems before she could get mad. 

The End

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