Turn of Direction

Suddenly, the brown-suited man that had dragged me into the “medium; thin” section shoves a shovel into my arms. Finn and Gunther are both holding larger, heavier shovels; Finn’s is the heaviest.

Roughly, the brown-suited men grab us by the arms again. “Let’s go. Time to start your training,” the man holding Gunther by the arm says. His voice is raspy, but not as much as the black-suited man’s voice.

The brown-suited men lead us back out into the tunnels and push through the crowd. Just as we turn the corner, the man holding onto my arm’s walky-talky turns on and a voice begins to speak.

“Officer, we have a problem. There was a rockslide at tunnels 1085 to 1089,” the voice says, sounding just as raspy as all the other men.

 All three of the brown-suited men’s eyes widen in a mix of shock and horror. Without an explanation, they turn around and drag us in the opposite direction, towards a large, well-lit tunnel. I exchange a questioning glance with Gunther and Finn.

“Er, sirs…” Gunther says, trailing off. “What exactly are we doing? I thought we were supposed to start digging.”

“We’re taking to you dig out the dead bodies from the rockslide,” the brown-suited man holding Gunther’s arm says in an uncaring but raspy tone. 

The End

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