“Why do they want the sword for themselves?” I ask. Before Finn can answer me, Odin suddenly yells “Shh!” and motions for us to keep silent. Gunther, Finn, and I all give him confused looks. Odin doesn’t say anything else, though. Instead he turns and salutes to a man in a black suit.

“Odin, to my office,” the man says in a deep, raspy voice. It sounds like he’s been smoking ten packs of cigarettes a day for years. “The rest of you… start digging.”

With a nod, Odin darts off around a twist of the tunnels without saying anything more to us. Gunther grabs hold of my wrist, panicked and confused. “What are we gonna do?” He whispers into my ear.  I shake my head, not knowing what we’re going to do myself.

“Get going,” the man says, raising his raspy voice. “You can get your shovels over there.”

We walk over to a small cave in the tunnel wall, where the man had pointed his finger to. It's dimly lit with three or four torches, and the walls inside it are covered from top to bottom with racks covered in shovels of different sizes. There are six sections: short; heavy-built, short; thin, medium; heavy built, medium; thin, tall; heavy built, and tall; thin. 

When we enter, three men in brown suits meet us and grab us by the arms, basically dragging us to the section they saw fit for us. I end up in the “medium; thin” section. Gunther stands across the cave from me, at the “tall; thin” section, and Finn stands to the left of him, at the “tall; heavy built” section.  

The End

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