The Tunnels

I sit silently in our box car on the train, staring at the floor. Fahren sits next to me, humming to himself. Nobody else is making any noise. There are about six other kids in the same car, and all of them have the same scared, pale look. The car itself is nice, maybe too nice, though it has no windows.

After several minutes, I speak. My voice is hoarse from holding back tears. "I wonder how much longer." Fahren starts to shrug, but for answer, the train rolls to an abrupt, squeaky stop. Both Fahren and I are thrown forward.

More brown-uniformed men walk in and grab each of us by the arm. There are several pained squeaks, but nobody dares cry out.  We're all led out of the train, into what looks to be an underground tunnel. Kids were gathered everywhere, and if you looked closely, you could see uniformed guards, almost blending into the walls with their drab suits. 

As we stepped out, I exchanged a freaked out look with Fahren. Soon though, we were released by the guards without a word. It was then that Fahren exploded.

"Where are we?!? We certainly aren't being taken to clear water."

"Obviously," I said. I was too busy looking around, confused. Spotting something, I nudged Fahren. "Check it."

"That's weird," he said. A brown haired boy was staring our way. He looked about Fahren's age. "Why's he staring at you?" 

"I don't know, I-- Oh, Fahren. I think he's staring at you."

"But why..?" He started to say, but I shook my head, cutting him off. He started to protest, but suddenly a man in a black suit walked out of the far end of the tunnel. All the guards saluted him. 

Out of instinct, Fahren grabbed my arm protectively, but none of the guards, or the man, went for us.

The black-suited man stopped in front of the largest gaggle of kids, aka, us, and spoke. He said two words, and those two only, in a scratchy voice that made me want to cough.

"Start digging."

The End

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