Finn obeys, though seemingly unhappy about letting Trevor go, and stands up. The second boy stops too, glancing at me and then at Finn. He doesn’t speak, though. Trevor just lays there on the ground, motionless. He has red marks on his throat from where Finn had had his hands, and his mouth was bleeding. 

            “Oh, right. This is Odin. Odin, this is Ailith.” Finn says, introducing me to the strange boy. I nod, realizing that this is Odin, as in Finn and Dustin’s brother that got taken away, apparently down to here. 

             Odin opens his mouth to speak, but then shuts it and stares expectantly at Finn.

            “Seriously? You can’t even talk long enough to tell them how I found you and how you told me what this place is all about?” Finn asks, slightly annoyed but not particularly surprised.

            Odin shakes his head no and Finn sighs. I smile slightly, amused by Odin’s silence.

            “I was looking for you, Gunther, and Dustin and Odin started waving his hands above his head like a maniac. This kid’s been so good that the FBI let him take charge of the newcomers as they arrive. He makes sure that no riots start between the officers and the kids.” He explains, Odin nodding in agreement every once in awhile. “Nobody really cares if the kids start fighting with each other though, apparently.” Finn adds.

            “Yeah,” Odin says, speaking at last. Even if it was just one word, I catch a hint of a British accent.   

            “Then he told me all about how the FBI’s been taking kids down here to help dig tunnels.” Finn says, finishing his explanation.

            “Why would they do that?” I ask, obviously curious.

            “They’re looking for the sword, Ailith. They want it for themselves.” He answers, swallowing hard. “It could be really, really bad if that sword ends up in the wrong hands.”

The End

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