Standing Up

   "Leave us alone already!" Gunther yells. His face is red again, but this time it's from pure fury. "Maybe it's time you look at yourself, eh? Look at yourself! Look at how horrible you are!" He spits. He yells louder with each word, cursing at least once in every sentence now. “Look at yourself, would you? I know you wouldn’t be able to tell me straight in the eye that you like who you are. What’s your issue, huh? Why pick on us?”

            Trevor’s face contorts with a mixture of shock, anger, and horror. He shoves through the kids in between him and us, knocking a few to the ground occasionally, and stands just a few inches away from Gunther.

            I take a deep breath, and then I start yelling too. “You can’t bully us anymore! We’re tired of it!” I’m just about to keep yelling when Trevor throws the first punch. His fist meets Gunther’s jaw, causing Gunther to stumble backwards in pain. He staggers back towards Trevor, ready to fight back, when a sudden war cry erupts from a few feet away.

           Finn tackles Trevor head-on, pinning him to the ground. Cursing through gritted teeth, he grabs Trevor by the neck and viciously shakes his head back and forth, throttling him. Another boy, one I’ve never seen before, is kicking Trevor in the ribs, not stopping even when Trevor starts crying in pain.

            “Stop it!” I scream, trying to pull Finn off of Trevor. “Stop it! He’s had his lesson!” 

The End

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