“Gunther! Wait!” I say, pulling on my wrist. He turns around, looking extremely annoyed.

       “What?” He asks shortly.

       “Trevor… Trevor’s over there.” These words shake him up. His face suddenly goes from bright red to ghost white, and he turns to look for him. It doesn’t take long before he finds him, and he turns back around. “What’s he doing down here?” Gunther asks.

       Now it’s my turn to be annoyed. “How am I supposed to know?” I ask. He sighs, realizing I'm not angry about him asking that question, but because of what he finally told me. 

      "Look, I'm sorry." He says, staring helplessly at me. "I was just... I was afraid that if I told you, you'd be ashamed of me. I thought you might not want to talk to me anymore." He adds. Tears are swelling up in his eyes and his voice is kind of choked and raspy, making it even more obvious that he's about to cry. 

     "Gunther, that's the stupidest thing you've ever told me." I say, hugging him. "I'd never be ashamed of you. Ever. Okay? You can tell me anything." 

     Just as Gunther wraps his arms around me to hug back, a voice yells loudly, standing out from all the others. "You freaks again!" The voice says in a vicious tone that belongs to none other than Trevor. 

    I turn to look at him. It takes a few seconds to relocate him, but when I finally do, I notice that he's staring directly at us. My heart starts to beat faster in my ears again at the sight of him. 

The End

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