I open my mouth to say something, but I end up shutting it again, as I’m too shocked to manage words. It takes a few moments, but I finally calm down enough to speak. “Wait, wait. What?” I ask, staring at him.

            He scratches the back of his neck, blushing heavily and still refusing to look me in the eye. “I said he was cute…” He repeats, now staring at the ground.

            “Why didn’t you tell me you were gay before?” I ask. My shock quickly turns to anger. How could you not tell my own twin brother not tell me this? Or maybe I just didn’t pay well enough attention to notice it… I think to myself.  I turn back around to look at the guy that Gunther was staring at. “So you like him? I guess he is kind of cute…” I say quietly.

            “Have you forgotten where we’re at?” He snaps at me. “We have better things to do than sit here and discuss my sexual orientation. Let’s find Finn and Dustin. Maybe they’ve seen Odin.” He adds in a slightly softer, but still angry, tone.

            I nod, still confused and angry about what I just found out. Gunther kneels down and unties my feet, and then my arms.

 “Let’s go.” He says and gently grips my wrist, dragging me towards where the boy was getting tortured earlier. Then I remember something. That’s where I saw Trevor, too.

The End

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