Coming Out

My heart pounds in my ears, blocking out the screams and yells around me. Then a certain voice, sounding as if it’s been yelling at the top of its lungs for a long time, stands out to me.

            “Ailith! Ailith! Over here!” Gunther yells. He’s about ten feet away from me, sweat trickling down his face, panting from yelling so much. 

            I turn around quickly, forgetting momentarily about Trevor. “Gunther!” I yell back, relieved to see a friendly, familiar face for the first time since I’ve been down here.

            He walks over without a problem, which surprises me because everyone else is hopping around like a bunch of bunnies due to their feet being tied together. “What happened to your ropes?” I ask.

            “I didn’t get any. I guess they just don’t give them to people who obey their commands.” He replies. He isn’t looking at me as he says this, though. Following his eyes with my own, I turn around to look at what he’s staring at. I’m surprised to find that he’s staring at a boy with short, black hair.

            “What are you staring at that guy for?” I ask curiously. Gunther’s face blushes a bright red and I raise my eyebrow. “Well?”

            “I um… He just um… He just reminded me of…” He kept trailing off, turning ever redder than before. “OK, I uh… He’s cute…” He finally says, not looking me in the eye. 

The End

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