The Underneath

I jerk my head around to where the noise came from. Dustin is standing, shaking, with a gun in his hands. A police man lies on the ground, bleeding from the side of his head. Suddenly, the grip on my arms tightens and I let out a cry of pain.

            A few more gun shots go off. I can hear the thumps of bodies hitting the ground. Just then, a group of police men rushes toward Dustin, grabbing the gun from his hands and tying his arms and feet with rope. He glares bitterly at them.

            “Someday…” He snaps. Not a word more comes out of his mouth.

            I turn to see that Finn has been tied up, also. Looking to my other side, I see that Gunther is getting the same treatment as me. He must not have fought back like the other two did.

            Just then, all the police men put on gas masks, and one of them sets down a small sphere. Suddenly the entire room goes foggy and it’s only a matter of seconds before I black out.


            When I finally wake up, the first thing I hear is screaming. I force my eyes open, and find myself in some sort of tunnel. As my eyes adjust to the dim light of flickering torches on the wall, I notice that I’m surrounded by hundreds of other kids around my age. I try to stand, only to realize my hands and feet are still bound tightly together.

            A few moments later, I locate the source of the screaming. A short, brown haired boy lies on the ground, surrounded by hooded figures. He lets out another scream, and I realize what’s happening. They’re torturing him to death. I try and cover my ears with my hands to block out the sound, but it doesn’t work.

            Then I notice something. I have no idea where I’m at. Where is everyone else? Panicking slightly, I scan the crowd of teenagers for familiar faces. That’s when I notice him. Standing to the left of the boy being tortured is none other than Trevor. Dizzy with horror, I can't help but to stare at him.

The End

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