Their Arrival

I wake up with a start. Loud banging comes from the elevator upstairs, and I can hear yelling. I sit up quickly and notice that Gunther, too, is awake.

            “What’s happening?” I mouth to him. He shrugs in response.

            As the elevator drops nearer to the floor we’re on, I manage to make out what the people are yelling.

            “This is the police!” One voice yells.

            “Everyone in this house is under arrest!” Another voice screams.

            Gunther and I exchange a wide-eyed look and get up. Finn and Dustin hurry into the room we’re in.

            “What’s happening?” I ask, my voice cracking with panic.

            Before Finn can answer, a large group of police men burst into the room, holding guns. They’re all wearing bullet-proof vests.

            “You’re all coming with us.” A man in the front snarled.

            Cold, dry hands force my arms behind my back. Not willing to fight back, I let out a small wail of fear. Sudden memories of Trevor flood back to me, and I fight away tears.

            Suddenly, I wish I could cover my ears. Screams of pain erupt from Finn as a police man shoves his struggling body to the ground and presses the point of his gun against his head. I can’t fight back the tears anymore. They stream down my face, making my vision blurry.

Dustin is going through the same thing as his brother, but I soon realize it’s for a totally different reason.

            “You…You took…You took Odin…” Dustin screams, taking raspy breaths of air as he speaks.

            I hear myself gasp with shock. Why would the police take Odin?

            The point of the gun is pressed harder against Dustin’s head, but he doesn’t stop fighting.

            Rage suddenly glints in his eyes. “How DARE you take my brother?!” He screams, pushing himself off the ground.

The force of this movement throws the man off balance. I watch as he falls backwards, sputtering and cursing loudly.

After a few moments of confusion, I hear the sound of a gun go off. 

The End

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