The kiss

I help Finn with washing the dishes, after supper is finished. There isn’t much to wash- Only a few plates, some forks and knives, and three cups. We finish the chore in about 5 minutes. I turn to walk away from him, to go back and look at the sword, but he speaks before I can leave.

            “Ailith, I was….Uh….I was wondering if you’d like to….Er….” He hesitates for a minute. “I was wondering if you’d like to go for a walk with me.”

            I’m too stunned to speak, so I nod a yes to him. He smiles at me, his blue eyes sparkling- He’s happy….He’s happy because I said yes. Does he like me? I shake the question away. Of course he doesn’t like me. He can’t like me. He’s so….He’s so handsome, and I’m just…I’m just me. I’m not pretty whatsoever.

            He leads me out the back door, out into the moonlit night. Crickets chirp loudly, and fireflies seem to be everywhere. He continues walking down a path, and I follow him. After a few minutes, he turns and stares at me.

            “I thought I’d take you on a walk tonight, because it’s such a perfect time for one. Perfect….” He trails off, and then continues. “Perfect, just like you are.”

            Before I can respond, that’s if I even can respond, he turns back around and continues walking.  As I follow him, I notice the ground is sloping, and it seems to be getting a little more wet with each step I take. He’s leading me to a lake.

            He stops at the edge of the lake shore and sits down, looking up at me. The ground crunches beneath my feet, due to the stones that make up the shore. Naturally, I sit down next to him and stare out at the lake. The stars make the water shimmer, and small waves ripple the surface.

            Suddenly, he turns to look at me. The moonlight is reflecting in his eyes. “Ailith, I know we just met but….I like you.”  

            Then he does something that utterly shocks me. He leans over and kisses me. 

Just as he pulls away from me, I notice it. Rain is pouring down and lightning strikes across the sky. Swallowing back panic, I shakily stand up. The sound of thunder is so loud that it’s ringing in my ears.

            “W-We should be going back to the cabin.” I say, trying not to sound scared. My worst fear just happens to be storms.

            He nods. Without hesitating, he takes my hand, wraps his fingers around mine, and leads me away from the shore. The feeling of his hand interlocked with mine...It comforts me. 

The End

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