Dustin and Dinner

I stare down at the last page of the book, thinking about what I’d just read. The story made no sense- A sword couldn’t glow, after all. And someone is being reincarnated? That doesn’t seem likely. I shake my head, close the book, and put it back where I got it.

Finn and Gunther are nowhere to be seen. I turn around to look for them and scream in surprise. Standing in front of me is a tall, light haired boy.

“What, did you see a ghost?” He asks, looking around jokingly.

I scowl at him. “No, I saw you. Where’d you come from? Who are you?”

Finn and Gunther walk in from a room to the left of the one I stand in.

“That’s my brother, Dustin, Ailith.” Finn says.

Dustin offers me a handshake. I grasp his hand in my own and shake it twice, then let his hand go and drop my hand back to my side.


After many introductions and greetings, Dustin and Finn start to cook supper. According to Finn, we’re having pork-chops. Gunther says something to me, though I don’t hear it. I’m still thinking about that book. Something about it just...stands out.

Finally, Gunther gets me to hear him. “Ailith, it’s time for supper!” He says, waving his hand in front of my face.

I nod and stand up, keeping my eyes on the sword. Gunther gives me a weird look and leads me to the dinner table.

Sitting down, I force my mind back to reality. A pork-chop covered in bread crumbs sits in front of me, with a pile of peas next to it.

“It looks good.” I say. For the first time since school started, I actually want to eat.

Gunther nods in agreement with me, and then we begin to eat.

The End

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