The Legend

I settle down into the leather chair that I was previously sitting on, holding the book in my left hand. I open it carefully, coughing when a cloud of dust is released from the inside of the book. After the dust disappears, I hunch over and begin to read.

            “In the medieval years of the world, there was a great leader. He was a valiant warrior, and his opinions were always sensible. He was also quite handsome. His hair was dark, his eyes were blue, and his muscles rippled whenever he moved. He was also well known, but only for one of his belongings.

“How would a belonging make him so well known?” You may ask. I’ll tell you. This certain belonging- It was a sword. A great sword, that glowed in the hands of this man, and all of his kin.

“How did he get the sword?” You may wonder. I’ll tell you that, too. It was a gift from someone anonymous. The man never did find out who gave him such a wonderful gift. The man never found out why, or how, the sword glowed, either.

One day, however, this man was separated from his sword in the middle of battle. He had been fighting the king of Codab, an evil and cruel man. He could hear the ringing of swords clashing against swords, the blood curdling screams of wounded men, and a loud thud as men fell from their horses, dead.

He thrust his sword forward, towards the chest-plate that the king of Codab was wearing. The sword met the iron armor, and the iron seemed to melt at the touch of the sword. The king gave a gasp of horror and confusion.

“How did you melt my armor?” He asked the man. His question was met with no answer.

The man was staring at his sword, amazed by the blue glow that outlined it. He was interrupted from his thoughts when the king slashed his sword at the man’s hand, forcing him to drop his prized possession. Blood dripped down his hand, onto the ground, onto his horse. His sword landed on the ground with a faint thud and a distinct clink! His sword had landed on some sort of rock.

“Why didn’t he reach down and get the sword?” You might be asking yourself this. All I have to say is “Why are you asking yourself all these questions?” But I guess you want a real answer. The reason he didn’t reach down and get the sword was because a few seconds later, the king killed him. The man’s body landed on the sword, hiding it from the rest of the world forever.

The sword has never been seen since then. It was prophesied that the man would be reincarnated in the future. The reincarnation will be sent to find the sword and claim it for him once more.” 

The End

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