Forever Stricken

The two of them follow me after a minute or two. Gunther is glaring at Finn, who looks amused. I sit on a leather chair in the middle of the room, watching them. On my left is a matching leather couch covered in old comics and books. To my right is the door to the elevator, and a picture of Finn and two other boys- Probably his brothers. In front of me, an old looking sword hangs from the wall. I didn’t notice that until now.

“Finn, what’s that sword from?” I ask, standing up and walking over to it.

“Oh, my grandfather gave it to me. He said it was a replica of a sword from some ancient legend- The book about the legend is over on the couch if you want to read it.” Finn says, turning to look at me.  

“Alright, thanks.” I reply. Hurrying over to the couch, I dig through the rubble of the reading material until I find what he was talking about.

The cover is made of light brown leather. I stare at it for a moment, taking it in. The name of the book is in big, blue letters.

It’s titled “Forever Stricken”. 

The End

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