The House

After walking about thirty minutes from the tree, Finn suddenly halts. The movement was so unexpected, I bump into him. 

            “Sorry.” I say, blushing badly.

            He turns around and stares at me. “Oh….It’s alright.”

            Gunther watches the two of us for a moment, then looks around. “Why did you stop?”

            “This is where I live.” Finn replies, motioning to a wall of vines.

            “You live in vines?” I ask, raising an eyebrow at him.

            “No, no, my cabin is BEHIND the vines.” He says.

            Before I can say another word, or even blink, he hurries forward and pulls back the vines. Behind them stands a rather small, but beautiful, maple-wood cabin.

            “In we go.” Finn says, turning the doorknob.

            The door creaks, and then swings open. Gunther walks in with Finn behind him. I walk in last. The inside of the house is both simple and complex. I look around, taking in my surroundings. We stand in a small, extremely dark room. Not being able to see anything, I press my hands against the wall and walk around the room, feeling for a door. The only door I found was the one we came in.

Much to my confusion, someone suddenly claps twice. The room rumbles slightly, as if an earthquake is happening. Then it drops down, making an odd squealing noise as it does this.

“What’s happening?” Gunther asks. His usually calm and reassuring voice now sounds panicked.

“This is an elevator. We’re going down to the living space.” Finn says. He sounds like he’s amused.

“Why do you have an elevator in your house?” I ask. My confusion turns to curiosity quickly.

“Safety.” He replies flatly.

I shrug, not wanting to question it any more than I already have. Unexpectedly, the wall to the far right pulls back, nearly squashing Gunther. He screams in surprise and jumps back, causing Finn to laugh so hard he loses his breath. Ignoring them both, I walk out of the elevator and into what seems to be the living room.

The End

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