Meeting Finn

I fall about 4 or 5 feet, and then my hand collides with a branch. I quickly wrap my fingers around it and pull myself up, one-armed. My other arm hangs limply by my side, useless. I must have hit it against a branch or something when I was falling. My heart pounding in my ears, I sit down on the branch and wrap my good arm around the trunk of the tree. There is no way that I am going to let myself fall again.  

I hear loud footsteps against the ground. As they get nearer, I begin to hear voices as well.

            “Where is she? Do you see her?” A voice asks.

            Recognition hits me. That was Gunther’s voice.

            “I’m up here!” I yell, as loud as I can.

            “Why are you up there?” A second voice asks. That voice belongs to Finn.

            “I thought I’d try to be a squirrel for once.” I say, rolling my eyes. “I was trying to see when the storm was going to arrive. I’ll be down in a moment.”

Carefully, I begin picking my way down the trunk. I jump down to the ground, landing hard on my feet. The impact sends an aching pain up both my legs, but I ignore it.

            “We had to eat lunch without you. I brought you the leftovers, though.” Gunther says. He digs through his backpack until he finds what he’s looking for.

            When he pulls his hand out of his backpack, he is holding a plastic bag full of cooked rabbit meat. I stare at it longingly, licking my lips with anticipation.

            “You better be good at eating and walking, because we’re going to my cabin now.” Finn says sternly.

            I nod and take the bag of meat, pulling out small pieces to eat as I walk. I wince, trying to ignore the pain in my left arm. Pulling the strap of the backpack off my left shoulder, I keep walking.

            “Why are you carrying your backpack like that? Is there something wrong with your arm?” Gunther asks, glancing back at me with a worried look.

            I don’t respond immediately, due to the meat in my mouth. I hold up a finger, signaling him to wait a moment while I chew.

            I swallow quickly, and then I answer. “I hit my arm against a branch when I fell.”

            His eyes widen with shock. “When you FELL? When did you fall?”

            “I fell a few minutes before you came.” I say. “It’s alright, though. It’s just bruised.”

            He stares at me for a moment, his green eyes locked with mine, and then nods. He looked unconvinced. I sigh and follow Finn down a well worn trail. 

The End

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