The decision

 After I rinse off my dishes, I stand and wait for him to finish rinsing his. Finally, he finishes, and we both dart off toward our bedroom. We share a bedroom, since there’s not enough room in our trailer for us each to have our own.

            We slam the door shut behind us and slump down onto our beds. I stare sullenly out the window, out into the yard.

“We ought to run away.” Gunther says. His suggestion quickly shakes me back to reality.

“Run away?” I repeat, considering the idea. “Mom always said we should never run away from our problems, though.”

“It seems like the perfect thing to do. Haven’t you ever thought about the freedom that we’d have, out in the wilderness?”

He got me there. That’s one of my weak points. Gunther knows I’ve always dreamed of adventure and freedom, of living in the wilderness. It just seems so much easier and peaceful out there.

 “Well, yes but….” I trail off. He’s right, though I refuse to admit it. “But it still doesn’t seem to be the right option. Why do you think we should run away?”

“We’d have freedom, out there. Nobody would make fun of us, so we could be the real us for once. No more pretending or semi-truths. Wouldn’t you like that, Ailith? It seems so much like a dream, but it’s real. It’d solve all our problems! We could live happily.”

I smiled slightly at the thought of getting away from Trevor. No more fear, no more coming home with black eyes and cuts and scrapes. No more lying to cover them up. Yes, it was perfect.

After thinking hard for a minute or two, I have my final answer. “When do you want to leave?” 

The End

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